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Oh dear!

architect's journal said:
Council kicks Nottingham Forest stadium plans into touch

Nottingham Forest Football Club has unveiled plans, masterminded by a design team including Benoy, for a new 45,000-seat stadium, but Nottinghamshire County Council has already slammed the proposal

Proposals for the new stadium, which would replace the club’s City Ground, form a crucial part of the city’s bid to host matches for the 2018 World Cup, reports Construction News.

City council officials are keen for the club to move to the site at Gamston in Nottingham’s greenbelt, having ruled out further development of Nottingham Forest’s City Ground home.

However, this has angered the county council, which owns the land and has refused to give it up for development.

County council leader Kay Cutts told the BBC that the city council was acting like a ‘centre forward prima donna’.

She added: ‘We’ve made it very clear that we would only support a bid on the existing Forest site. Our land at Gamston is not for sale.

‘We don’t believe that changing the location of our premier ground is a good move.Iit’s bad for football, bad for business, bad for local people and risks scuppering our bid to be a World Cup city.’

Benoy declined to comment on developments.

A decision on which country will host the 2018 World Cup will be made in December 2010. Sixteen towns and cities, including nearby Derby and Leicester, are bidding to become hosts if England is successful.
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