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NOTTINGHAM | New Nottingham Forest FC Stadium | 40,000 - 50,000 | Pre-planning

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Forest consider City Ground exit

The City Ground is located close to the River Trent
League One club Nottingham Forest has revealed plans to move to a new purpose-built stadium located on the outskirts of the city.
The club's chief executive Mark Arthur said the team was considering a move from its City Ground home to a site on the south of Nottingham in Clifton.

The current ground on the River Trent has been home to club since 1898.

The stadium would have a capacity of between 40,000 and 50,000 with most of the funding from the private sector.

'New gateway'

The new location is closer to the M1, but the move would probably be timed to coincide with the expansion of the nearby A453, which links the area to the motorway.

Forest chief executive Mark Arthur said the club was excited about the new stadium which would be a focus for new jobs and events in the area.

He said the club's main goal was still promotion to the Championship and then the Premiership - and added that the money for the project would not be taken from player funds.

The new stadium project is a "dramatic new gateway" to the city that should be in place by 2014, he said.

The scheme would also include new housing and other commercial developments in the Clifton area.

Mr Arthur said the club has not yet calculated an exact cost for the entire project.
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Old news

NOTTINGHAM'S bid to host matches in the 2018 World Cup will proceed despite objections to a new stadium at Gamston, it is claimed.

The Nottingham 2018 World Cup bid team discussed proposals for the 45,000 seat football ground with the Football Association yesterday.

The bid team includes representatives of Nottingham Forest, Nottingham City Council, Notts County Council and Rushcliffe Borough Council.

But while discussion about the plans took place at Wollaton Hall, Coun Kay Cutts, the county council leader, issued an attack on the Gamston plan.

Coun Cutts said the city council was "acting like a centre forward prima donna in announcing its plans for a new stadium through the media".

She said: "We've made it very clear we would only support a bid on the existing Forest site. Our land at Gamston is not for sale."

The second draft of Nottingham's bid, which was sent to the FA more than a week ago, concluded redevelopment of the City Ground would not meet FIFA requirements and Gamston was the best option.

Coun Jon Collins the leader of Nottingham City Council, said: "This has been an all-authority, all-party bid from the start and it needs to remain so if we are to be successful."

County council representatives have been involved in this and I hope the reaction is based on a misunderstanding of what is involved."

It was claimed last night that the county council owns only a "modest" portion of the land at Gamston, put at about 10%, and that the project could proceed without the county council.

As with the tram issue, the County Council will get bitch slapped into line :gunz:
oh yes and the capacity will be 45k for the world cup and 38k in "legacy" mode, i.e. for Nottingham Forest afterwards, so if a mod could do the honours and alter the title... :cheers:
If that did happen then it would definately put Nottingham up there as having some of the best sporting facilities for its size in the country.
No, it's going to be solely a Forest ground. However, a second 10,000-seater 'Community Stadium' is included in the plans and the idea is that this will house Nottingham Rugby as well as being an athletics venue.
If Forest's new stadium doesn't proceed then there will be no venue in the East Midlands as set out when the bid cities were chosen.
Yes yes I read it, there seems to be a lot of crap on here about if FIFA want it they get it blah blah blah. The fact is there doesn't need to be a stadium in the East Midlands so if Forest's new ground doesn't materialise then the FA will still feel they can win the bid with the remaining stadiums that were proposed in December. If this wasn't the case then they would have said to either Leicester or Derby that they were on the reserve list should the Forest stadium go tits up, which they clearly didn't.
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