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NOTTINGHAM | New Nottingham Forest FC Stadium | 40,000 - 50,000 | Pre-planning

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Forest consider City Ground exit

The City Ground is located close to the River Trent
League One club Nottingham Forest has revealed plans to move to a new purpose-built stadium located on the outskirts of the city.
The club's chief executive Mark Arthur said the team was considering a move from its City Ground home to a site on the south of Nottingham in Clifton.

The current ground on the River Trent has been home to club since 1898.

The stadium would have a capacity of between 40,000 and 50,000 with most of the funding from the private sector.

'New gateway'

The new location is closer to the M1, but the move would probably be timed to coincide with the expansion of the nearby A453, which links the area to the motorway.

Forest chief executive Mark Arthur said the club was excited about the new stadium which would be a focus for new jobs and events in the area.

He said the club's main goal was still promotion to the Championship and then the Premiership - and added that the money for the project would not be taken from player funds.

The new stadium project is a "dramatic new gateway" to the city that should be in place by 2014, he said.

The scheme would also include new housing and other commercial developments in the Clifton area.

Mr Arthur said the club has not yet calculated an exact cost for the entire project.
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Thats a lot of planning will take a few years i think.
No, it's going to be solely a Forest ground. However, a second 10,000-seater 'Community Stadium' is included in the plans and the idea is that this will house Nottingham Rugby as well as being an athletics venue.
If that did happen then it would definately put Nottingham up there as having some of the best sporting facilities for its size in the country.
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Did anyone watch the Bristol City v West Brom match yesterday.. According to Gaby Yorath Bristol & The New Anfiled will be the only new world cup grounds... Love where they get their facts from...
Yeah I know what you mean, but the New ANfield is ready to go bar funding, and the new Ashton Vale has planning permission granted and could begin as early as April (although there are a few hiccupps to sort out yet).

Forest's proposal seems a bit of a long shot at the moment. Or am I wrong?

I'm just saying that, supposing England win the bid, there is probably a 90% chance the WC will come to Bristol and Liverpool, but probably with Nottingham it is more like 50-50. If the stadium project doesn't get it's ar*e in gear sharpish I would imagine one of your near rivals will pick up the pieces.
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That's not going to happen as both Derby and Leicester have been told they are completely out of the running now. If the England bid is successful then any city not on the list of twelve host cities which the FA is preparing to submit to FIFA will not be under consideration.
Actually, no. That's not correct. Although it would seem to be the case, FIFA will have the final say regardless of the FA's recommendations. They can ultimately undermine the bid book and 'modify' as they please to suit their requirements.

If the plug is pulled on Forest's new ground, or any other for that matter, Leicester and other venues which fit the WC bill (or can be made to do so) etc could be brought forward.
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If Forest's new stadium doesn't proceed then there will be no venue in the East Midlands as set out when the bid cities were chosen.
Yes yes I read it, there seems to be a lot of crap on here about if FIFA want it they get it blah blah blah. The fact is there doesn't need to be a stadium in the East Midlands so if Forest's new ground doesn't materialise then the FA will still feel they can win the bid with the remaining stadiums that were proposed in December. If this wasn't the case then they would have said to either Leicester or Derby that they were on the reserve list should the Forest stadium go tits up, which they clearly didn't.
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Is the forest stadium totally dependent on the WC now? If England loses the world cup bid will the plans for a new ground still continue? I imagine if Forest go up this year the ground will become a certainty.
The club's official line is that it does depend on England's bid being successful. If Forest do get promoted this year (and the fight for the automatic promotion places is very much a three horse race) and England's bid isn't successful, then the club has always said that if relegation is avoided in the first season back in the Premiership (but not before then) that work will begin either on a new stadium or a new Main Stand at the City Ground.

The heirarchy at the club is adamant that an expanded City Ground could never meet FIFA's requirements for a World Cup venue but would be viable as a Premiership venue so long as access issues for the emergency services could be resolved.
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I think the club's line has changed more recently. Yes, you're right, for years what you say was the official line. there was even a model of how a redeveloped City Ground might look in the club's Ticket office, with a stand mirroring the Main Stand.

However, my understanding now (and I'm searching for where I read/heard it) is that redeveloping the City Ground is no longer on the agenda. Even the Brian Clough Stand is thirty years old or so now, and wouldn't be built under H&S regulations today - aisles too narrow, gradients too steep, seats too close together. There's not a lot of room for the level of facilities for both spectators and staff that are expected these days.

The last I heard was that the club would try and press on with a new stadium, away from the City Ground, even without the World Cup, although it might not have as many bells and whistles if FIFA don't pick England. The other whisper I heard was that the club (and the city) is not quite as committed to Gamston as they had to pretend to be in order to be included in the FA bid...
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