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NOTTINGHAM | |Nott: Just a City Exhibition - Dwell shop 7 -19th April

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There is an exhibition running at the moment in the old Dwell shop, where the Creative Quarter Pop-up Shop was before Christmas.

Open each day from 12:00 until 8:00pm.

There is a talk next Wednesday (16th April) by Stirling Prize winners Witherford Watson Mann

Should be interesting...

Saturday 12th April:
Come and build Lego versions of nottingham landmarks


Try making your own real clay house brick with Ibstock clay
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The tall buildings talk sounds interesting.

However I don't think I could sit through someone going on about about energy saving and environmental standard for 1.5 hours(?) first...
Each talk will be max 45 mins including questions
I wandered in yesterday for a look. Some interesting ideas to be seen. They could have been a bit more clear as to what the exhibition actually was (actual proposals, just design concepts, student projects etc.) and the girl behind the desk was too busy reading her book to offer any clarification.

Overall however worth popping in for a gander.
The talks were great, Phil Oldfield's tall buildings talk was great and provided a fascinating glimpse into the future of tall building design.

The 'girl beghind the desk' is my 'better half' and is there to provide a supervisory presence only as she is a teacher on holidy, not an architect! :p

Glad you enjoyed the exhibition, if you wanted to pop in an ask some questions it is manned by architects all of next week, and most evenings until 8:00
Is it free?
yes, go and have a look!
on saturday we have the University of Nottingham lego society in holding a workshop and actual clay brick making from Ibstock Bricks
I visited the exhibition this afternoon. Certainly worth an hour or two of anyone's time. Some interesting ideas on display such as a Great Central Railway heritage centre, an "urban retreat" in Notts and a proposal to reclaim the derelict Great Northern Railway buildings (which I have to admit I knew little about until the exhibition).
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