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The Centre of Nottingham.

The Council House (before Construction on The Square!)

Shopping Arcade inside the council house.

Hard Rock Cafe.

The Corner House

Kings Walk.

the corner of the corner house

The Royal Centre.

Bottle Lane.

Fletcher Gate.

Nice, Brand new Trams.

Nice canal area.

Most noticable buildings by the Canal..

Sun Rise by the Canal..

Beautiful green space around the Castle.

The Casle Museum..

Historic Gas Lamps

The Robin Hood Statue.

Wollaton Hall.


Trent Bridge cricket ground..

Station Street

Good Day. :)

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Lace Market and Hockley

St Mary's Chuch, High Pavement -

Broadway -

Lace Market Cliff from Broadmarsh -

The Adams Building -

Stoney Street -

Fletcher Gate -

Bellar Gate-

Weekday Cross -

Bridlesmith Gate -

Pelham Street in Hockley -

Watson Fothergill's Office in Hockley -

Goose Gate in Hockley -


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City Centre from Porchester

Castle from Standard Hill

Castle from Sneinton

Eastside from Sneinton

City Centre from Eastside

Sky Mirror at Nottingham Playhouse

Tram Lady at Theatre Square

Nottingham Express Transit passes through Basford

Tram in Old Market Square

Maid Marian Way

The Cornerhouse

Corner house from the Council House

Council House from the Corner House

Council House from Cheapside

Queen Street -

Middle Pavement -

Victoria Embankment

Nottingham University

Nottingham Forest F.C.


time for a change
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=/ Thats not true at all. Dont say things like that.
oh come on leeds no.1, has political correctness been hammered so far into you that you cant admit to the simplest facts? ok its not 100% true, every statement will have its exceptions..but thers no denying that gang and gun culture is on the whole pridominantly asian and black. Its one of the things well have to live with in multicultural society.
i dont want to cause an arguement and wreck this nottingham thread so well leave it at that.
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