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i used to live there a long time ago ! for real !

Nouvelle Caledonie is made of islands owned by France. They have a major military base located in northern part of the main island. Aeroport de la Tontouta.
why did the french go so far ? because of natural ressources : New caledonia has one of the world biggest nickel deposit. that why. giant mining companies are operating there. and nickel is the 1st source of revenue : not tourism ! that s why earth is red like blood. it s actually way cheaper to spend vacation in Australia. new caledonia is way too expensive !!

full of french expats, wealthy, millionaires and european in the capital Noumea.
the city is mostly white. if you leave Noumea and visit the Island, the population is totally different : Melanesian, Polynesian and kanak (local people) proudly wearing and showing off their local culture while noumea is the '' European city''

when i lived there, i was a bit shocked and disgusted about the racial ''wall'' :
local and white didnt talk each others. there are mistrust and huge grievances toward the french. remember, in 1998
8, a riot erupted and the french sent their army, killing many of them. a bloody event ! since then, both community ignore each other...
white in noumea, living their 'western style'' life, locals around and the surrounded islands still living with mother nature !!

I agree that weather, ocean, environment, nature is unbelievable !!! so wonderful and beautiful!
New caledonia is home of fantastic coral reef, probably the biggest ! the sand is so White!, and i saw so many sharks, dolphins, whales, sea snakes, enjoyed fresh coconuts straight form the trees!

if you want to visit teh country, leave Noumea ! take a tour of the Island and VISIT the amazing small islands : Ouvea, Ile des Pins and Lifou !! those pearl are really mindblowing ! crazy awesome.
you feel like in Paradise ! i swear ! scuba diving is just madness : so many colourful fishes, coral, animals etc...Wow

i will never forget my experience out there !
too bad it is so far and so expensive to get there. living cost is insane.

they did brew a good beer, i remember it was called Number One, dont know if still exist ?
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