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Pátria amada, Bahia!
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Here is the first series of pics from my recent visit to downtown Portland, OR - don't know if I've captured it here but IMO it is a really an awesome urban place - especially downtown.

Salmon Street Springs

Boardwalk along Willamette River

New condo towers along south riverfront

View to the south from my hotel

Night shot

Max Light Rail line

Pioneer Square

Lots of people playing chess in the square

Look closely - you can see Mt. St. Helens on the horizon.

Designated motorcyle/scooter parking.

Flexcar - the alternative to owning a car in the city - of course it is a hybrid

Awesome assortment of restarants located here

Great tacos located here!

Super-wide sidewalks

More chess playing

Portland State University - really an urban campus the street grid - and Portland Streetcar - runs right through it.

Food trailers like this are located all over the place here.

Yeah you guess it - some of these were taken from the streetcar.

PSU's hand in mixed use.

Hillside dev south of PSU

Edge of the Pearl District - streetcar stops near Powells Used Books - this awesome bookstore takes up an entire city block :speech:!

Now north to the Pearl District - It is underconstruction - mixed use projects all over.

Incredible plants.

Actually from what I hear, Portland is the 2nd "Greenest" city in the world - behind Lyon, France.

The current south terminus of the streetcar takes you to an Aerial Tram (like a ski-lift) that wisks you up to the hill-top where there is a cluster of hospitals - the base of the area near the riverfront is going vertical with offices and condos.

Debit card friendly parking meters - awesome

Urban designers take note - a drive-in drive-through gas station.

LINDA CIDADE!!!!!!:cheers:

on my way to the OR trail
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Pohaa mas que saudades brother!!!!!!!
Te juro...
naum vejo a hoa de voltar aih ano que vem...
soh que tow na duvida se vow no inverno, neveeee =) ou chuva =(
ou se vow no verão!!!
por mim eu ficava aih pra seempre!!!
amooo0ooo000o essa cidade brother....
Pegar o Max ateh o Loyd Center.... Andar pelo Waterfront Park.... Ir no Washington Park e tirar fotos do Mt Hood.... Japonese Gardens... Powell's Book a maior do mundo........

world citizen
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Belas fotos, a cidade parece ser bem agradavel.

Alguém saberia me dizer quantos habitantes tem Portland?

Pátria amada, Bahia!
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Eu prefiro a cidade no inverno... XD
a neve da um charme bem legal a cidade q já é perfeita... a unica q eu realmente admiro nos EUA!!!!

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legal 1ª vez que eu vejo um fusquinha nos EUA(8 foto)
gostei da cidade, já tinha visto iutras fotos, ela é pouco falada por aqui mas é bem organizada, linda e bonita. Gosto desses bondes modernos que passa pela cidade, faltava um desses aqui no Brasil.
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