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The Blockhouse Hill Site is a spectacular, 16 acre parcel of land on the north face of Blockhouse Hill, bordered to the south by the Blockhouse Hill historical site and campground and to the north by the Bypass road, to the east by Saw Pit Wharf Road and to the west by an existing development on the Hopson Street extension.

Lunenburg Bump
Area - 1560 sq/ft Size - 26' x 30'
The Lunenburg bump is likely Lunenburg’s most distinctive vernacular style.

The basic form is a three bay 1-1/2” story with the eaves facing the street. What gives it its unique character is the projecting Scottish dormer or “bump”. Many of the existing bumps in the Old Town of Lunenburg were added to existing houses to “Victorianize” them. In any case they are the quintessential Lunenburg home.

Craftsman Bungalow
Area - 1680 sq/ft Size - 28' x 30'
Dating from the late 1910's through to the 1930's, this style is characterized by a roof line that swoops down to include a wide front veranda, a gabled dormer, and wide, bracketed eaves, with exposed rafter ends.
The layout is more modern with a large living room and separate dining room with a bay window.

Cape Cod
Area - 1600 sq/ft Size - 28' x 32'
The Cape Cod is the earliest style of house in Lunenburg and remains one of the most popular. It's simple form endures and is possibly the most common traditional house style of all.
A Cape Cod house is actually a 1 story frame where the second floor lies within the attic space, as a result the second floor is smaller with "knee" walls dividing off the eaves.

Farm Ell
Area - 1824 sq/ft Size - 24' x 30' + 12' x 16'
The Farm Ell is named after it's "L" shape as seen from above.
The "L" is formed by an extra wing which gives this house it's distinctive charm.
Although not seen in Old Town Lunenburg, the style is very common in the rural areas of the county and fit's very well with the Blockhouse Hill setting.

Four Square
Area - 1590 sq/ft Size - 24' x 30' + 5' x 15'
The Four Square house was originally built from mail order plans and was built in very large number all over the east.

It offers two full storeys and a large wrap around veranda.

The side hall and stair make for a large open living room with a spectacular bay window.

Gable On
Area - 1440 sq/ft Size - 24' x 30'
The Gable On gets it's name from being oriented with the gable end of the roof facing the street.
As a result the views from upstairs are excellent, across Blockhouse Hill and to the Back Harbour.

The side stair affords a large living room with an optional fireplace.

Georgian Revival
Area - 1792 sq/ft Size - 28' x 32'
The Georgian Revival house is a full two story with a stately appearance. The roof is not quite as steep and the house sits low to the ground.
Having windows on all sides upstairs provides excellent views

Gothic Revival
Area - 1560 sq/ft Size - 26' x 30'
The Gothic Revival house is outwardly very similar to the Lunenburg Bump. The principal difference being the distinctive tall gothic dormer.
A Nova Scotia mainstay, the Gothic Revival is found all over the province.

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Dead for several years as far as I know.

Didn't attract the "right kinds of families" or something similar, so they canceled it. Stupid, but unsurprising. People in Lunenburg seem obsessed with preserving their "real fishing town circa 1959" status, even if that is totally unrealistic (and would probably be more realistic if they also had developments like this).
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