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The butt ugly 30 year old Avery Centre -former Police centre on College Street is to be guttered and floors added to become an apartment tower.
currently 21floors/83m, it will have balcs and total 30storeys tall or approx 100m.
what a great location!
Da in soon
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Being gutted is the best thing for it as it hasn't aged at all well. I assume this means it will be re-skinned as well, preferably with material that doesn't attract grime, etc., quite as readily as the cladding on the current building.
Top views above 4th floor!! Not a CityWest project, I'd say!! And pull-ease! not Meriton!!!
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It passed its useby date years go. Needs a new lease of life.
And they were able to get the height increased in that part of town. most of the area is lowrise.
Cool. Every time I walk past this building on my way home from work I look up and think how great an apartment building it could make. I recently lost hope of it happening, as some sort of Korean church ("Brethren Loving Church") and placenta shoppe have moved in.
^ Yeah thats what I was about to say
A new company just moved in the bottom (Korean Church)
So I doubt this project will be happening for a while.

But with the prices paid for the Hyde this is the best thing the owners can do.
looking at the picture of this building, there is certainly potential to make this into something better.
looking at the picture of this building, there is certainly potential to make this into something better.
Yeah or worse. I am sick of seeing balcony clad buildings taking over Sydney, It would be nice for a few more smooth skinned buildings instead of the proliferation of bland appartment towers. I actually like this one as it is, now we will loose the flush glass and walls.
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as much as flush glass looks great, if there was ever a location for balconies it would be there. if you lived there it would be great sitting out on the balcony looking over hyde park, as long as it wasn't windy (so maybe sun rooms that can open right up instead of obvious balconies).
balconies are going to extend from each side and front. creating a larger bldg. also 30m wil be added to height. should stand out. like the new HYDE across in liverpool st. should look newyorkish with apartment towers rising abruptly from park.
oh ok, well a good heigt increase, but I fear for tacked on additions too. Tacking on balconies causes me to shudder a little. I really worry how integrated the building will appear.
If they recess the balconies so they're still kind of "inside", I reckon that could work out pretty well.
All of this is just speculation at the moment as no plans have surfaced yet.
DA has been lodged
i havent seen renders only this white model. At first look its a nice safe unit tower design. i think it had to be quite conservative due to its location op park and adjacent to heritage bldgs.

model pix

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Great to see the towers on southern and eastern sides of Hyde Park getting makeovers !
Just need to do something with that hideous State Bank tower on the Oxford St corner now !!!!!
I live pretty much behind this building - going to be noisy and dusty! But it is the ugliest building in Sydney.
You can see my building (lumina) in the second photo - the tallish building to the left
Looks good. It will standout alot more than before.
Cul, do you know if the little chapel on William St. that is part of the Australian Museum addition is going to be re-done?
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