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NT - #Completed: Litchfield Apartments - 14st/49m/Darwin

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A little late with this one, but deserving of its own thread.

Gwelo Developments.

12 Levels, 42 apartments.

Right behind Pandanus and creating more density for the CBD.
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its actually part of pandanas project. same for the 7storey office tower.
plus its nearly done.?
Updated pics for Litchfield. Still a couple of months away from completion.

I don't know about the official stats on this one but I can count 15 floors above ground!!!!!

Have a look at the pics. The lens does not lie!!!!

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More pics

From what is considered the front.

.......and I guess the rear, considering work has begun on an office building up to the apron level!

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Another pic from Woods St (back of tower). Thread title should be changed to 14 levels.

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at 15 levels it's fairly big in its own right for Darwin. it will help densify the area around pandanas so that it's not too lonely.
Thanks the updates finn, much appreciated!
This one is 15 levels for sure - I counted a few times to be certain:

At 15 levels, it goes to show how enormous Pandanus and Evolution are:

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