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February 6, 2008. A day in Nuremberg/Nürnberg.

Departing Vienna in the very early morning.

Upon arrival:

The U-Bahn:

The Central Station:

I had my first coffee here, but... if you ever come to Nuremberg - refrain.

My first glimpse of the castle:

The river Pegnitz:


Nuremberg cliché:

Behind the castle:

The sun is still shining, but the skies are threatening:

And then the hail set in...

Incredibly bad weather:

The next coffeshop - but no coffee this time.

Somehow the sun came back:


A rainbow - solace for my bad luck:


Wißer Turm:

Taking the S-Bahn to the Riechsparteitagsgelände and the Frankenstadion:

Why the hell can't the weather always be like this???

Günther Domenig, an Austrian architect designed the Holocaust documentation center inside the Kongresshalle:

Nazi architecture, depressingly impressive:

Imagine the parades... hard to do so these days, fortunately. The only movements here are driving students, trying hard not to crash their cars.

Through the woods towards Frankenstadion:

Hard to believe it's a second-league stadium.

What's with the Mannheim-Nürnberg rivalry?

Classic S-Bahn interior:

Wöhrder See:

A piece of home away from home... OMV, one of Austria's biggest companies.


University campus:

My return to the castle, in hope for better weather conditions:

Austria 0 - 3 Germany :eek:hno:

Village people?


Germanic National Museum:

The Opera:

Returning to the airport after a very rainy day. Nonetheless, I had a wonderful time ain a Bratwurst- and Lebkuchen-loaded city.

Nuremberg's beautiful airport:

Thanks for having a look! Please comment! :banana:

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Bad weather but nice photos. I dont live far away from Nuremberg its a wonderful city but heavily bombed in the second world war. Not much left of the great historic buildungs. Thanks for sharing. :)

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Thanks for the pics, Bahnsteig4!

I must say that Nuremberg is, like mostly every german city with more than 50.000 habitants, very beautiful and very ugly at the same time! Many beautiful buildings which were built before WWII and so many ugly buildings that were built after WWII. :eek:hno:

BTW I didn't know that "Fidel Castro" is/was playing for german football team! :)

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IMO it looked like the city actually has quite a bunch of nice old architecture still there, especially if compared to other bigger German cities.

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Wow, the historical architecture is ... perfect. I'm jealous.

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The old architecture is fantastic. The new post WW2 architecture is below average IMO. Nuremberg is probably one of these german cities I would never want to live in.

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It seems to have retained some of its old charme thanks to the narrow streets and the little hills. Too bad though that most of the architecture is bland postwar crap. Nuremberg before the war must have been one of the most amazing cities in Europe.
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