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University of British Columbia - 39,421 students: Vancouver, BC

(campus at bottom of pic)

University of Washington - 39,216 students: Seattle, WA

(campus is in the middle of picture)

Simon Fraser University - 25,432 students: Burnaby, BC

(bottom of pic)

Portland State University - 23,486 students: Portland, OR

(campus is located directly below downtown)

University of Victoria - 18,320 students: Victoria, BC

(campus is in middle of pic)

Western Washington University - 12,940 students: Bellingham, WA

(campus is located to the left of the aboretum (big green hill))

Central Washington - 9,616 students: Ellensburg, WA

(campus to the right of city center)

Eastern Washington Univeristy - 9,232 students: Cheney, WA

(campus on right edge of town)

Seattle University - 6,810 students: Seattle, WA

(campus is above the 'm' in '.com')

Gonzaga University - 6,100 students: Spokane, WA

(campus is above river on right side of pic)

The Evergreen State College - 4,410 students: Olympia, WA

(campus is the forest in the top right corner below Eld Inlet, an arm of Puget Sound)

Seattle Pacific University - 3,779 students: Seattle, WA

(campus is under & to the left of the first 'o' in 'photo')

Pacific Lutheran University: 3,643 students: Parkland, WA

(middle of pic)

George Fox University - 3,034 students, Newberg, OR

(look for the track)

University of Portland - 2,900 students: Portland, OR

(campus is located in the bottom right corner)

University of Puget Sound: 2,785 students: Tacoma, WA

(campus is located under & to the left of the 'h' in '..graph')

Willamette University - 2,695 students: Salem, OR

(campus is directly below State Capitol)

Pacific University - 2,500 students: Forest Grove, OR

(campus is in middle of town)

Whitworth College - 2,373 students: Spokane, WA

(campus is above powerline cut on right side of pic)

Walla Walla College - 1,968 students: College Place, WA

(under the 'r' in 'graph')

Oregon Health & Science University - 1,849 students, Portland, OR

(bottom of pic)

Linfield College - 1,600 students: McMinnville, OR

(located under the 'g' in 'graph')

Saint Martin's University - 1,512 students: Lacey, WA

(middle of pic under the word 'graph')

Whitman College - 1,415 students: Walla Walla, WA

(campus is above downtown)

Reed College - 1,341: Portland, OR

(below 'p' in 'photo')

Northwest University - 1,180 students: Kirkland, WA

(campus is on far left of photo above freeway & Seahawks HQs & practice field)


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jer4893 said:
You don't have many from British Columbia.
I had a client cancel at the last minute so I only had 40 minutes to kill & only posted pictures of campuses I have been to or passed through. I didn't have enough time to research the locations of places I haven't been & spot them in an aerial pic.

Where r the photos of WASU, Oregon State, & U of Oregon?
The cities of Pullman, Corvallis, & Bongwater are not availible over at aerolist, where I was finding the US aerials. If anyone has aerial photos of these schools & any other ones from the NW, please post them!

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Here's a somewhat older picture of WSU, I can see that there are at least 4 major buildings missing that weren't constructed yet when this aerial was taken, which were mostly very very large science buildings. the campus also extends further to the right of this photo(which is towards the east.)

Wazzu, ~20,000 students
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