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Heading east bring us into the hood known as Beechhurst. It goes from the Cross Island Pkwy to the East River between the Whitestone Expwy (I-678) and Little Bay along with the Clearview Expwy (I-295). This hood is mostly residential. It was first settled in 1645, by David Roe. In 1776, Francis Lewis, one of the signers, had his house burnned down by the British durring the Revolutionary War while he was in Philly signing the Declaration of Independence. In 1786, John Powell bought the land to have his farm here, which remained this way until the 1900's. In 1854, John Locke placed a stamping mill as brought workers over from Brooklyn. When DeWitt Clinton was governor of NY, he tried to rename the area to Clintonville, with the main road as well, but that fell after he left and the place was changed back to Whitestone, which was possibly named after the stone that was found along the shore. As the area became developed, a number of German immigrants began to live here including Oscar Hammerstien, who was known for doing famous Broadway plays. In 1939, the Bronx-Whiteston Br was built to connect it to The Bronx by vehicular access. Although Beechhurst was seperate from Whitestone since the start of the 1900's, it still kept a number of associations with it until the postwar era. In 1961, the Throgs Neck Br was built to allieviate the traffic from the Whitestone Br and was connected with the Whitestone Expwy with the Cross Island Pkwy as well as using the Clearview Expwy. Beechhurst is another quiet area these days that sits between the bridges. Much of it can be seen from either bridge. You can get here by taking the Q14, Q15, Q44, QBx1, and X32 buses. Here is what you will find in Beechhurst.

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