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NYC:Queens hoods-College Point

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Heading northwest brings us into the hood known as College Pt. It is everything that is west of Whitestone Expwy (I-678) with the exception of 138th St and 15th Ave. This hood is both residential and industrial. Originally, it was home to the Matinecock Indians until it was bought by Dutch Governor Willem Kieft in 1645 to which he called it Tew's Neck. William Lawrence was the first Biritish settler and he named it Lawrence Neck after himself and his family lived there. They decided to sell their land to Eliphalet Strattonport in 1789 to pay off their debts used in the American Revolutionary War, who also named it Strattonport after himself. In 1838, Rev Augustus Muhlenberg decided to place a college here known as St Paul's College and renamed again to College Pt. However, the college was not very successfull and it closed down in 1850. Conrad Poppenhusen decided to buy all of the land and make it into a town as well an industrial center with the Poppenhusen Inst as the flagship of it all. In 1869, College Pt was connected to rest of Queens by the Flushing & Northside RR. In 1927, Speed (later Flushing) Airport was founded, but it lost much of its crowd after a bigger airport known as North Beach (now LaGuardia) Airport was opened in 1939. In 1932, the LIRR decided to end service on the Whitestone Branch, and leave College Pt w/o any rail lines. In 1939, the Bronx-Whitestone Br allowed for vehicular access to The Bronx, so that motorists from either upstate NY or LI didn't need to cross through Manhattan, though the bridge was built with a toll plaza. In the 1970's, College Pt Ind Pk was created to give a complex to the area. In 1977, a plane from Flushing airport crashed into one of the houses leading to its decomissioning in 1984. Today, College Pt still has the feel that it might not be part of NYC despite joining with the rest of Queens in 1898. Powell's Cove offers views of the East River that one can imagine. Unforuntately, it has lost of historic places such as Flessel's Tavern in 2000 to cookie-cutter houses and lowrise apartments, and there are fights to keep the rest of the area intact from developers. You can get here by taking the Q20A, Q20B, Q25, Q44, Q65, Q76, and QBx1 buses. Here is what you will find in College Pt.

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