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NYC:Queens hoods-Jamaica Hills

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Heading south brings us into the hood known as Jamaica Hills. It goes from Hillside Ave (NY 25) to the GCP between Parsons Blvd and Homelawn St. This hood is mostly residential. It was first settled by the Dutch when they came to form New Netherlands and called it Rustdorp. In 1664, it was taken over by the English and called Jameco after they took it from the Dutch. This included everything that goes to Jamaica Bay all the way to the GCP of toady's land. In 1776, it was a major trading post for Queens County. Jamaica Hills was given for the fact that it was near the town and on top of what was once a lateral morraine. For the most part it remained unsettled until the 1900's. In 1964, it became very diverse with immigrants from mainly Central America, the Caribean, and China. There isn't much to see here except for mainly houses along the hills and maybe some apartments along Hillside Ave. You can get here by taking the subway to Parsons Blvd (F) and 169th St (F). Here is what you will find in Jamaica Hills.

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I used to live in those apartments on the 8th picture down. Thanks Talb I love this series, and now your getting to the neighborhoods I grew up in.
I didn't know that you were from Jamaica Hills.
I've lived in Jamaica Hills, Jamaica Estates, Jamaica, and Queens Village. For the most part though I spent my time in Jamaica, even after I moved up to CT.
Very nice set of pics. The single family homes have that Queens look. I can spot them from anywhere. Nice series TalB.
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