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NYC:Queens hoods-North Corona

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Heading back east brings us into the hood known as North Corona. It goes from Rosevelt Ave to Northern Blvd (NY 25A) between Junction Blvd and the GCP. This hood is mostly residential. In 1654, it was settled by the Dutch until the English took it over in 1664 and made it part of Newtown. Until 1854, it was mostly farmland before it was named West Flushing and was home to the National Race Course. It was then decided that around 1872, the name would be changed to Corona, meaning the crown of villages on LI in Italian, to distinguish it from Flushing. In 1917, subway service was brought over with the Flushing IRT. The postwar era lead to a number of Jews and Italians fleeing to the suburbs. More recently Corona recieved newer immigratnts from both Hispanic (Dominican, Colombian, Guatemalan, Bolivian, Peruvian and Ecuadorian) and Asian (Korean, Filipino and Chinese) backgrounds as well as blacks. This part of Corona wanted its own identity, so it was agreed that it would be called North Corona. You can get here by taking the subway to Junction Blvd (7), 103rd St-Corona Plaza (7), and 111th St (7). Here is what you will find in North Corona.

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Not the prettiest place but it sure is interesting to look at.
Looks can be decieving.
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