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Heading east brings us into the hood known as Pomonok. It goes from Union Tpk to the LIE (I-495) between Kissena Ave with Parsons Blvd and 164th St. This hood is mostly residential. It was originally home to the Paumonauck Indians, who lived here until the Dutch came. For a long time it was part of Queens Valley until it was finally developed in the early 1900's. In 1921, the Pomonok Country Club was created, but it only lasted until 1949 when it was replaced by the Pomonok Housing for the low and middle income families. There isn't much to see here, and a number of students at both Queens College and St John's Univertiy tend to reside here. Besides the housing project, the rest of the area is mainly lowrises and houses. Pomonok is either associated with Kew Gardens Hills, Jamaica, or Fresh Meadows most of the time. You can get here by taking the Q17, Q25, Q34, Q65, Q65A, Q88, and X32 buses. Here is what you will find in Pomonok.

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