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Heading west brings us into the hood known as Whitestone. It goes from Bayside Ave with Bayside Ln and 26th Ave to the Cross Island Pkwy between Utopia Pkwy and the Whiteston Expwy (I-678). This hood is mostly residential. It was originally a farm from when the Dutch settled here in the 1600's. In 1817, DeWitt Clinton became the governor of NY and renamed his hometown Clintonville, but the name was removed as soon as he left office. In 1837, Samuel Leggetts created a settlement here, though nobody is sure if it was called Whitestone after the rocks that were found at the bay or if it was named in honor of White Stone Charpel. In 1869, the Flushing and Northside RR built its tracks to give Whitestone rail connections with the rest of the area. As a result, Whitestone became a livable area with both mansions and with shops. Unfortunately, the LIRR decided to end the Whitestone Branch in 1932, leaving it w/o any trains. In 1939, the Bronx-Whiteston Br was built to allow for vehicular access to The Bronx. It is mostly home to families of middle income that include Greeks, Italians, Irish, and Jews. You can get here by taking the Q14, Q15, Q16, Q20A, Q20B, Q34, Q44, Q76, QBx1, and X32 buses. Here is what you will find in Whitestone.

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