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Nyon, Switzerland

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Nyon is a town of 18,500 inhabitants on the shores of Lake Geneva between Geneva and Lausanne, founded between -46 and -44 BC by the Romans (below photos by me).

General view of the old town

Tour César (11th century)

Castle (12 century although with additional parts added throughout the centuries particularly 17th)

These buildings are on the same square as the castle (many of those on the square are municipal-related buildings)

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Nice town!
I've past it several times when I worked in The Vallais, but never had the time to stop there.
Should have done that. ;)
Yes, it's a lovely little town (but maybe I'm biased as I lived there for 8 years!).

More streets and buildings

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I have heard about Nyon... this town is really beautiful, very nice :)
Never heard of it, but it looks nice!
I heard about it as well , in fact I live in Nyon :) ....... nice in the summer..... a bit boring though...... founded by Julius Caesar and called Noviodunum
I heard about it as well , in fact I live in Nyon ....... nice in the summer..... a bit boring though......
Yes, it's one reason why I eventually left, I prefer to live in larger cities.

Anyway, after some of the old historic buildings, here's a different style.

This is in the area of the train station.


Opposite the road from the station (as you can see, mostly mid- to late 20th century buildings)

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Still in the vicinity of the station

Heading out from the town centre is where there are mostly far more recent buildings (my rough guess is from the 1970s onwards). As you can see the urbanisation is less dense and there are more appartment blocks and stand-alone office buildings.

All the below pics are along the same road, heading away from the centre.

Office building

Office building (it looks a bit like a ziggurat)

Appartments, with commerces on the ground floor

There are still some older villas that were here before all the more recent structures went up

Appartment and a bakery/tea room

Appartment blocks (they could do with a new coat of paint - brown looks very 1970s in my opinion). Incidently there is a whole set of similar blocks in this area, this photo only shows a small section of the whole thing.
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I think the old town is much nicer than the new part. Modern architecture looks not that great....
Tin Tin went to Nylon in one book! cant remember which one though.
It was in The Calculus Affair (l'Affaire Tournesol). I don't have it to hand but I recall that at one point there is a drawing which shows Tintin walking through this square, as the statue is recognisible in the background. You have to look carefully though (and the mural obviously didn't exist at the time).

I think the old town is much nicer than the new part. Modern architecture looks not that great....
I agree! I will post a few more pics of more recent buildings, but finish up with some old town centre ones again.
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Towards the outskirts of the town we start to get more appartment blocks of which here is an example

But back to the town centre again. Here are some buildings surrounding Place Perdtemps (a large square devoted to parking)

12th century Protestant church (was originally Catholic until the Reformation)

Catholic Church

Old Town Hall, since 1508 (now a Bang & Olufsen shop, since...?)

Main post office, 1876

House from 1788 (I can tell the age of a building simply by looking at it - at least, as long as it has the year engraved above the doorway)

18th century archway

This hotel is quite recent (around 10 years old), but it has been built along the broad architectural lines of the other buildings in the vicinity. So no glass cubes allowed, I presume.

And to cap it all off, a few general pictures:

Alley leading up towards the castle

Roman pillars (partly reconsituted, partly original)

View from below the castle


CGN boat at the jetty. There is a regular passenger service calling at several towns along the shores of Lake Geneva, including both Swiss and French sides. Not a bad commute for some.

This is above the entrance to the castle
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Interesting. Hadn't heard of Nyon before.
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