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O-NES Tower | 29 storey | Nana

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Japan's Obayashi to build $273m skyscraper in Bangkok
Thai capital's tight office rental supply promises high returns
KOICHI KATO, Nikkei staff writer
June 07, 2018 12:07 JST

TOKYO -- Japanese general contractor Obayashi plans to build a 30 billion yen ($273 million) skyscraper in Bangkok, part of a new push into the Southeast Asian property development market.

The 29-story building is to be completed by 2021 in the Thai capital's busy Khlong Toei district. It will have a direct link to a station on the city's Skytrain mass transit line.

Thailand's economy is growing at a roughly 3% annual clip, and Bangkok does not have enough buildings to meet rising demand. As office vacancy rates fall, Obayashi is banking on high rental returns from the project.

The contractor plans to handle the entire development, including the acquisition of 7,000 sq. meters of land. The building is to have a total of 85,000 sq. meters of floor space, making it the biggest of Obayashi's wholly owned rental properties, be it in Japan or overseas.

The new building is to feature internet of things and artificial intelligence technologies, designed to enhance security and the climate control system.

Obayashi already owns a midsize building in Bangkok and has rented out part of the space. But the new investment marks its first large-scale development primarily for rentals.

The company's real estate business posted a 15% sales increase for the year ended March, to 44.5 billion yen. Operating profit rose 20% to 8.6 billion yen.

Starting with the Bangkok project, the contractor hopes to tap into opportunities in Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Other Japanese builders, too, are keen to grow abroad. Shimizu, for instance, is focusing on North America and other locations.
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เตี้ยจัง ทำไมสร้างแค่นี้
เขตคลองเตย ติดskytrain
ข่าวเขียนว่า skytrain แต่คลองเตยมีแค่ mrt ผ่าน
เขตคลองเตย คือสุขุมวิทฝั่งเลขคู่ครับ ฝั่งเลขคี่คือเขตวัฒนา
Yes Nana station, the last piece of land in front of Jaisamarn church. next to Q Sukhumvit condo
Yes Nana station, the last piece of land in front of Jaisamarn church. next to Q Sukhumvit condo
29 floors, are you kidding me? :bash:
I expect them to go to full FAR which should be higher than 29 floors. Need to wait and see the design. if they go to full FAR with 29 floors. the building should very big and bulky.
^^ Which is so typical Japanese style of high-rise
ที่ดินตรงสุขุมวิท 6 ตรงคริสตจักรราวๆ 5 ไร่
ถ้าตามข่าวนี้ก็จะใช้ bonus เต็ม FAR 12
Floor plate ราวๆ 2000 กว่าก็ประมาณ central world office ล่ะมั้ง (แต่อย่าป้อมๆแบบสิงห์ละกัน)鉄鋼ビルディング
ขอรูปเเบบ เเบบนี้ Japanese style เเถว hamamatsucho ก็มี 2 ตึกเเบบนี้ ความสูงไม่เยอะ เเต่เด่นมาก
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ซื้อที่มา 4000 กว่าล้าน ได้ตึกที่โอเคแหละดีไซน์ใช้ได้ แต่สูงแค่ 29 ชั้น มันคุ้มหรอครับเนี่ย? ถ้าเป็นของไทย คงต้องเป็นห้าง โรงแรม คอนโดแหง เพราะที่ดินใหญ่มาก
Obayashi, 29 storey : Nana

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