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OAKLAND - Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum (63,132)

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Oakland Raiders

3x Champion:
1976, 1980, 1983


Oakland Athletics

9x Champion:
1910, 1911, 1913, 1929, 1930,
1972, 1973, 1974, 1989

Before the addition of "Mt. Davis" this was a much more beautiful ballpark
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The quick explanation on why the Giants have territorial rights. In 1990, BoB Lurie, owner of the Giants, wanted to move his team to San Jose. Walter Haas, owner of the A's, granted him rights for his team to the South Bay. The vote failed and the Giants never moved but the territorial rights never came up again until the A's wanted to move South.

I would not say the 49ers coveted San Jose in General as I am sure they looked at the South Bay as a whole. The population is in the Soth Bay and the income levels in Palo Alto, Woodside and Mtn View are quite high.

But another reason the Giants wish to uphold their territorial rights to the South Bay is with the hopes the A's will have no choice to move out of the Bay Area and the Giants will have it all to themselves. I know Wollf stated otherwise but the majority owner, Fisher, is the money behind the operation.
For the same reason that the Niners coveted SJ so much: more of the Giants' ticket holders are in the south bay as are in San Francisco. There is a lot more disposable cash down here than there is up there.
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Like other stadiums that started off as a Baseball only stadium and then converted to a Multi use Baseball/Football stadium, it is lacking as a Baseball stadium. The stadium has issues, overflowing sewers is one of the bigger ones.
Thank you for you detailed information. I incorrectly assumed the A's came before the Raiders.

On a side note, in 1961 the Raiders payed at Kesar and Candlestick their first season in the AFL. They moved to Frank Youell Field in 1962 and finally the Coliseum .
Not even. Even though it was designed as a multipurpose venue, it was specifically created as a home for the Raiders, who were at the time playing in 22,000 seat Frank Youell Field (below).

The condition for the Raiders not moving away in the early 60s was the now familiar refrain of "build us something better". What they got was, at the time, one of the best football fields in the country. As you can see below (pic taken just after the complex opened in 1966) the football field was shoehorned in quite nicely, even though the permanent part of the seating was basically a circle. 54,000 chair seats, and all close to the action. The Raiders had their fancy home, Oakland now felt it belonged on the map, and everyone was happy (except the Niners and San Francisco, but that's another story).

The sharp-eyed among you will notice that they hadn't even bother to plant grass in what would be the baseball outfield. That's because there was no actual team on the horizon. That changed in late 1967, when an assistant to Charles O. Finley, owner of the Kansas City A's (basically "Athletics" was completely dropped while he owned the team) paid a visit. The assistant said 'this is nice, can you do baseball?', and Oakland said 'sure, we can do baseball, look at these plans', and the deal was struck. The Raiders were slightly less than overjoyed, but a rent reduction shut them up. The A's moved to Oakland for the 1968 season.

But the problem with the baseball layout has always been the huge amount of foul territory, and how many of the fans are a long distance from the action. For a long time the A's made the best with what they had, but when the Raiders came back, and they built Mt. Davis to accommodate them, the relationship between the A's and the Coliseum management soured, and has remained sour.
Of course the Raiders are on schedule to sell season tickets after the League made it know that no team would be moving in 2015. So made up or not, this is not a surprise.
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