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OAKLAND - RingCentral Coliseum (63,132)

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Oakland Raiders

3x Champion:
1976, 1980, 1983


Oakland Athletics

9x Champion:
1910, 1911, 1913, 1929, 1930,
1972, 1973, 1974, 1989

Before the addition of "Mt. Davis" this was a much more beautiful ballpark
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Shame doesn't typically enter into business deals. If anything, its the first thing to go...
Reduce capacity because they arent selling out the games? Oakland people dont feel shame doing this?
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Sapporo Dome:

For those of you discussing modern multi purpose stadium options.

Edit: 40,500 seats for baseball, 53,000 with temp seating for Soccer.

edit edit: its the home park of the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters which just blows the "A's" out of the water....
^^Pretty well said. And its sad the fans in Oakland get treated this way. They're some of the scarie...err... best fans in the league and every 20 years they get put through the "pony up or we're leaving" song and dance.

Stiff upper lip Raiders fans. You'll continue being an example to the rest of the league, telling the NFL and its owners: "We'll continue loving your sport, but we're not here to line your pockets at the expense of our city"
Oh, I'm just talking about playing the final season at the Coliseum, not the Raiders building a new stadium.
And spoil all the fun? :lol: Besides, some people like foreplay.

It's not clear to me that the Raiders will build anywhere in Alameda County, much less at the Coliseum.

In brief, that site has had a dozen proposals and it never pencils out without huge money being put into building offices, housing or the like; and there have been literally no investors interested in putting money in that neighborhood.

That's when everyone calls on the city or county to invest and the electorate goes ballistic about subsidizing team owners when there are homeless, dead schools, violent crime, drugs, etc., to work on.

And suing the Raiders and the NFL for leaving a horrible stadium in the city can't be something that MLB and the team owners view lightly.

Can we cut the foreplay and just get it done at the Coliseum guys? We know its going to happen...
Doo do dooooo...
Dooo do doooo

Ian Rapoport @RapSheet

The #Raiders and the Coliseum Authority have reached an agreement for the team to remain in Oakland for the 2019 season at least and the sides are ironing out final nuances and details of the deal, sources say. It could be wrapped up and presented to the board as early as Friday.

The #Raiders agreement with the Coliseum Authority is for 2019, but it also includes a team option for 2020 if their Vegas stadium isn’t ready, sources say. The steps should be: Board meeting Friday or Tuesday. Then city council. Then final approval by the March league meetings.
Can we cut the foreplay and just get it done at the Coliseum guys? We know its going to happen...
Only took a month, but here we are. Need to start making calls on the stock market... (In all seriousness tho, it was the only practical choice).
Just changing venues (Nevermind changing cities) is a logistical nightmare for scheduling, so they want to be really really really sure. It wouldn't surprise me if they just called it soon for 2020 as well, even if the stadium does end up being ready on time.
I am still curious as to whether there is a real concern about the stadium being delayed or if its just a matter of putting something in place just in case.
*Possibly 2
But, who knows, one more year to go.
Sooo... the plan is now "buy up the whole old stadium site and build a new stadium there? Or buy up the site and develop it, and use the profits to fund the new stadium at the terminal?
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