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OAKLAND - RingCentral Coliseum (63,132)

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Oakland Raiders

3x Champion:
1976, 1980, 1983


Oakland Athletics

9x Champion:
1910, 1911, 1913, 1929, 1930,
1972, 1973, 1974, 1989

Before the addition of "Mt. Davis" this was a much more beautiful ballpark
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step 1: raise ticket prices to ten times that of inflation, beyond what most people can afford on any kind of regular basis or family outing.
step 2: wonder why so many people aren't attending games, encounter blackouts via league rules (pathetic attempt to get people to go to games)
step 3: tarp off sections to reduce capacity so that you can keep that precious television contract money flowing in.
would be cool if they actually kept the port cranes.
^^^not to mention the infrastructure (roads, parking, etc) is already in place.
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Looks like a soccer stadium
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