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OAKLAND - RingCentral Coliseum (63,132)

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Oakland Raiders

3x Champion:
1976, 1980, 1983


Oakland Athletics

9x Champion:
1910, 1911, 1913, 1929, 1930,
1972, 1973, 1974, 1989

Before the addition of "Mt. Davis" this was a much more beautiful ballpark
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I look at Mt. Davis and think that this stadium could be renovated to where the other sideline should look similar and the endzones would be straight.

Of course, alot of things have to happen first. The A's getting their own building, for one....
Could be worse.... Could be the KFC Yum! Center, now that makes me want to vomit.
Really? It makes me want a 3 pc. and a biscut...
Just asking...

It would cost more to renovate this place instead of build a new one, right?
Yeah it would cost alot more to Renovate it. Best thing would be to pull this stadium down and built from fresh. Baseball and Football stadiums each side. If Only tho
Baseball seems to be happening faster....
It all depends on the definition of "renovation".
....hold that thought....
Ok, now it's not gonna happen.... obviously. I thought I'd just get that out of the way.

But I made a crude and slightly off, but identafiable Sketch Up representation of what I thought a renovation to the Coliseum would look like. So....

Basically, the sidelines would match in the Mount Davis configuration. The endzones on the other hand would be more modern.

One of the endzone sections would be a bowl section and suites (you can probably tell, I was a bit inspired by The Carter @ TCU).

The other endzone (like The Carter) is a bowl and 2nd tier with an open concourse.

New facade for the sideline sections of the stadium.

This is the direction I'd think the Raiders would go if they decided to renovate instead of build a new stadium if and when the A's left.

But this is just fantasy, of course....
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Sketch Up's easy. All ya really have to do is play around with it about an hour or half that. Thanks, but I really wish I had more advanced software.

I really wish there was a renovation in plans like the one I just put up, but the Raiders will be looking for an overall brand new stadium, and even THAT'S gonna be difficult, though cheaper (apparently).

The A's are really pushing to move out to San Jose, so if it happens, the Coliseum will belong to the Raiders only.

Buuuuuuuuuut, there's still some hurddles....
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Nicely done. You even have the Sun in the proper direction for a late afternoon in October in the first pic. Impressive. And the Raiders would probably be delighted with this project. One nitpick is having the two-tiered end zone stands to the north. Something like that would be perfect for the Black Hole, which is always at the south end.

So, assuming 23,000 seats in each peak of Mount Davis, and 9,000 in each end zone, I think that this will seat about 64,000, with about 180 suites. How does that sound?
I didn't know where the Black Hole was. I probably would have designed it differently if I did.
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I just wish I had better software.

(Still have the budget of a college student... even AFTER graduation).
That's pretty embarrassing.
Well the football team that plays there has been pretty embarrassing for about a decade now...
The only things actually wrong with it are it is more than 40 years old, and has narrow concourses. Plus the feedback loop where everybody has decided that it's the worst, without any evidence. It's actually a very good place to watch football. Baseball, not quite as good.
Well you can fix the concourses, sure. But if it's 40 years old, it's gonna need a bit more work than that.

Considering how the NFL works with stadiums, the days on this place are numbered if they don't renovate.
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Link to the study (pdf file):

Is Mount Davis really that bad, I mean, is it worth renovating and redeveloping the other three sides of the stadium, rather than the need for a complete new stadium?
I don't know if I'm in the minority or majority on this, but I think it would be better for the stadium to match Mt. Davis. Why not? It was put there JUST for football in the first place...
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What I should have done to the old Oakland Coliseum, if they decide to reconstruct it: Keep the so-called "Mount Davis" stand and renovate/opgrade it; tear down the original stands and replace them with new ones (including a possible parallel stand to "Mount Davis" in the west sideline). Too bad about the surrounding neighbourhood, though.
Yeah, this suggestion has gone around. Even from me in this thread.
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The pic below (taken from Mt. Davis) is looking almost due west, and shows the current stadium in football mode. Even though it's a drizzly day, you can tell that there is no view of the bay to speak of. And there are too many mountains on the far side of the bay for any ocean views. The round building just beyond the upper deck is Oracle Arena, where the Warriors play. Still a first rate arena, despite the claims of San Francisco.

Implode the 60's section of that stadium (which I know is MOST of it) and match it all with Mt. Davis.

The endzones, of course, not having to be as big, but definitely match the sidelines.
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The way I see it, the Raiders (just talking about them and not the A's since they already have their plans to leave this place) are going to have to spend money regardless, so why not just stay put and rebuild instead of searching in and around the Bay Area or possibly moving back to L.A. again?

I think it would be cheaper than looking for a new location and building from scratch. I mean, by renovating this to be a football-only stadium, you'd already have about 1/4 of it complete...
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So I scribbled/photoshopped my thoughts into a little concept for the Coliseum, if the A's moved out.

The upper levels are separated into four stands with open entry plazas in each corner.
The exterior is intended as mesh screen system to give a modern, clean feel at fairly low price
point and could allow for images . A new wrap on the pedestrian bridge along with plantings
could make the walk from the BART station seem pleasant or exiting instead of like entering a
post apocalyptic deathcamp.

The geometry of the bowl is intended to match Mt Davis while keeping everyone in the
new bowl much lower to the field with good sightlines. A cohesive seat color pattern fading from
black to white to black seems sharp.

The new bowl is two levels served by a single wide concourse (about 90' wide) and has
concessions set into pockets to prevent lines from congesting the concourse.

Mt. Davis gets a new field club with 3,500 seats and sixteen suites like the sidelines suites at
AT&T in Dallas. the Plaza and Club suites are basically as is and the Loge (top) suite level is
mostly converted into a new press box. Concourses and existing Club on this side would get a
refreshing, but are more or less kept as is. The field level also contains locker rooms,
mechanical space, storage etc.

Under the the new south end there is space for locker rooms, storage, prep kitchens etc.

The North and West sides are kept as simple as possible with simply the concourse level. Concessions and restrooms are stacked at the outer
edge of the concourse. Concession stands are rotated 90 degrees to
keep the que lines from clogging the concourse. This concourse is 90'
deep where with concession ques and a 56' clear circulation path.

The total rough count for this little idea comes out to about 62,000 with 84 suites and
7,200 club. The new seating area has maximum of 68 rows, Mt Davis has 86 rows after losing the first 6 row to add in the field club and suites.
This is EXACTLY what I have in mind. It kinda reminds me of The Carter (TCU's Stadium), so that's a plus. Love the design.

For their sake and IF they stay in Oakland, I'd hope the Raiders would do this.
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The raiders and mark davis need to put there hands in there pockets because that's the only way there getting a new stadium.
The Coliseum is the worst most biggest dump stadium in the U.S
Actually, there are worse...

But yes, they seriously need to do something with it. Earlier this year, there was a sewage overflow in the facility.
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:wallbash::wallbash: Everybody likes to talk about the sewage overflow, but if the sewer backed up in your house, would you tear down your house or would you fix the plumbing. The Coliseum has definitely not kept up with the times, but the sewage thing is overrated.
Sewage issue or not, it's still universally considered to be one of, if not, THE worst professional sporting facility in the country.

No city deserves better than that.
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That's horsepucky. It has comfortable seating, adequate legroom (even for me, and I'm 6-3), no obstructed seats, good sightlines, and reasonable access to both rail and freeway. I have no doubt that I would find someplace like Lambeau lacking in some of those categories.
So you're going to tell me that you'll take an outdated, crumbling, basefootball like the O. over Seattle and San Fran's facilities?
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No, but that wasn't what was stated. You said that this is the worst professional venue in the US by far, and I disagreed with that. Aside from the sewage issues and narrow concourses, the Coliseum has aged rather well. The fact that the average spectator is fairly comfortable here has probably hurt efforts by the Raiders and A's to get new homes. Which I agree are needed.
Regardless of how we see this stadium, it doesn't matter because it wont be around forever.

We all know the efforts to get a new stadium, which even goes as far as threatening to move the teams (the A's more than the Raiders) to make it happen.

Like I mentioned before, it would be better to renovate The O... for football, anyway. Rebuilding the baseball sections to football standards may cost less than building a new one all together.

Maybe not MUCH less, but still less....
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