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Name: Ocean Bay Hotel & Luxury Apartments
Use: Condominium Hotel
Floors: 4
Status: Approved
Location: Brenton-on-Sea, near Knysna in the Western Cape

The Ocean Bay Hotel and Luxury Apartments will be developed in the tiny coastal hamlet of Brenton on Sea, a 10 minute drive from one of the country’s most picturesque town, Knysna.

The new development offers the discerning buyer a unique investment opportunity to purchase a luxury sectional title penthouse or apartment, with world class hotel amenities.


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Ocean Bay Hotel

Knysna Area: Brenton-on-Sea

Short Description:

Ocean Bay is a new Condominium Hotel set in one of the most pristine locations in South Africa, Brenton-on-Sea, Knysna.
A Premier 5 Star comprising 47 Luxury apartments and penthouses, nestled on a seaside cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, all offering uninterrupted sea views.

Additional information:

Other features/notes:

Ocean Bay is planned as a 5 star Condominium Hotel situated on apristine beach stretching some 7km, curving all the way round to Buffels Bay. This will be the only beach-front hotel in Knysna and offers both peace and tranquility offered by the 180 degree sea views and natural beauty of the surrounding dunes, while offering a vibrant and diverse holiday town just minutes away.

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Knysna council backs new hotel at Brenton

Eastern Province Herald

December 1, 2006

By Francois Rank Garden Route Bureau Chief

KNYSNA‘s municipal council yesterday approved plans to build a controversial multi-million-rand hotel on the Brenton-On-Sea hotel site.
The go-ahead comes without any environmental impact assessment being carried out, a move which has come under fire from environmentalists in the area.
The original Brenton Hotel burnt to the ground three years ago when a fire started in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. In October last year, the land was sold to developers Ocean Estates International.
An application to develop the land was turned down earlier this year because of issues surrounding services capacity, environmental impacts and aesthetics. The municipality has also received objections from environmental organisations and members of the public.
However, the latest application, which developers claim is more environmentally friendly, was approved yesterday at the final council meeting for 2006 after a presentation by the developer and architect and a brief meeting of council members.
Knysna chief town planner Ed Hill said because the application to develop had been made in 2005 before legislation which governs EIA practices was put into place, it had not been necessary to have one done.
“The area falls under the Outeniqua sensitive coastal area regulations which don‘t require the same extent of EIA,” said Hill.
However, Western Heads Conservancy chairman Susan Campbell said she believed environmental regulations would have to be complied with regardless of whether the application was brought under old or new environmental legislation.
“Under the old regulations, the upgrading of a resort was a listed activity and under the new regulations the proposed activities within 100m of the high water mark require compliance with environmental regulations. My concern is that they are not sticking to the development footprint of the old hotel. We believe it should not be exceeded. From an environmental point of view, we have great reservations regarding the excavation of sensitive coastal dunes.”
Speaking to council yesterday, development architect Francois Pienaar said: “We are dealing here with a site which has a long history and a great environmental sensitivity. It is a prime site and part of the Outeniqua sensitive coastal area. This new design for the hotel is a green building.”
Pienaar said the roof of the hotel would be landscaped with the natural fynbos which grows in the area. The hotel would also collect rainwater.
The development would create around 400 jobs, Pienaar said.
Hill said yesterday‘s decision would be circulated amongst those who had objected to the hotel.
“They can submit their appeal to the premier, but if the appeal is dismissed then the developers can submit building plans for approval.”
Pienaar said it was hoped construction would start within the next four months.
“Hopefully we will have a hotel up and running by 2008,” he said.
Ocean Estates International is a multinational company which deals in property in Spain, France Turkey and South Africa.
The company deals mainly in luxury apartments and villas. Among its major South African developments are Ocean Quay in Harbour Island near False Bay and Ocean Reef Zinkwazi in KwaZulu Natal.

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Hotel now delayed by six months, thanks to objections

Eastern Province Herald

May 31, 2007

By Francois Rank Garden Route Bureau Chief

AN architect working on the construction of the new Brenton-On-Sea Hotel says appeals by those opposed to the development have delayed it by six months.
Francois Pienaar said the project had been halted by four appeals currently under consideration by the environmental affairs and tourism department.
Only one of the appellants lives in Brenton-On-Sea, while the other three own holiday homes there.
In November last year the Knysna municipality gave its backing to the plans to develop the Brenton-On-Sea Hotel on the exact site the previous hotel had occupied.
The original hotel was destroyed in a fire in 2004. But since then three appeals have stalled the process, holding up job creation and impacting negatively on the area, Pienaar said.
Among the key areas of concern are continuous power outages in Brenton, apparent insufficient water for fire fighting purposes and the size of the development.
These concerns, however, have all been addressed in a letter from the development‘s town planner, Michael Olden, which has been sent to the department.
In his appeal Roux Cloete, a Bloemfontein resident, raises concerns about the aesthetics of the building. “The proposed development being a large, unimaginative structure is out of character with the relaxed, village-like atmosphere of Brenton-On-Sea.”
But Olden said the development had gone through the proper municipal channels and officials had applied their minds to the situation before passing it. “The applicant remains of the opinion that the development proposal is desirable and respectfully requests that the provincial government dismiss the appeals submitted and grant the approval as approved by the Knysna mayoral committee and full council,” he said.
Pienaar said the hotel was important as it would impact positively on the area. “The hotel restaurant, health spa, conference facilities and some 46 apartments will provide some 400 jobs and a wider support to families.
“During construction lasting 18 months 1 000 direct jobs will be created,” he said. [email protected]

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Brenton-on-Sea hotel on hold due to crunch


Katherine Wilkinson GARDEN ROUTE CORRESPONDENT [email protected]

THE fate of the Brenton-on-Sea hotel site in Knysna, sold for R15-million on auction last year, is on hold until the property market picks up, according to the new owners.
Dynarc, a Bloemfontein property company, bought the site last July and at the time said it was thinking of building a hotel much along the lines of the wooden structure that burnt to the ground in 2004.
In March, advertisements surfaced in Gauteng for hotel apartments at the Brenton Bay Hotel, but yesterday Dynarc chief executive Willie van Heerden said they were just testing the market.
The advertisements detailed facilities such as a heated pool, health spa, conference room and restaurant.
He said no plans for a proposed hotel had been submitted to the Knysna municipality, nor was the company going to take a capital risk as those interested in buying could not get loans right now. “The market is so dead, I can‘t see it being built in the next four or five years. We can sit on it because the property is worth a lot and will increase in value.”
According to Geraldo Allais, of Colliers International, which did the marketing probe, they were instructed to stop the campaign on Wednesday.
“Now I don‘t know what will happen. It could be on hold. They could change the whole concept.”
Allais said initially there were 36 units on offer but this was changed to 65 smaller units. They had sold 10 units.
Liesel-Marie Botha, of VPM Planners in Knysna, said they had completed a plan for a hotel on a similar scale to the old wooden hotel, but on a “much more stylish five-star level”.
She said they were “redesigning the whole concept, mainly due to electricity problems and things not making the project viable”.
Knysna municipality confirmed that no application had been submitted for the hotel. The previous owners of the property, Ocean Estates International, submitted plans for a hotel which met with opposition from residents due to its size. They subsequently went into liquidation. The 9189m² site falls within the Western Heads-Goukamma conservancy.
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