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off topic threads

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Hi guys,

The Google's image search I found this thread, which is an example of an off topic thread in a section that suggests to be on topic. I understand that this is considered a stand alone thread within that section, but that makes that one thread quite vulnerable to problematic issues with google. Please see to it that all off topic sections end up in an off topic section, or at least one that is members only and carries no ads. Thanks!

- Jan
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SSC should either have policy on ban on politics and religion or put them all discussion related threads in member restricted areas. Most discussion threads involve lot many graphics and text which is nothing but insults and hate posts about particular religion or ethnic groups or political party and persons.

If such posts are there, mod should either take actions against people who do that or take responsibility for the contents of this website.
^ Yeah, the chaibar is a member restricted area.The thread has
been moved there again.
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