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List of projects -

-- wjfox


Belfast seems to be one of the only city's without it's thread along with Nottingham so I thought I would create one. There seems to be a number of projects going on in the city including Victoria Square a £200 million pound devolpment of retail space. The Laganside devolpment scheme to re-jevenate the riverside and the Obel residential tower.

Victoria Square:

The Obel:

Can people post any other of the projects for Belfast?
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The Belfast Visitor Centre is moving from Donegall Place to Donegall Square North, occupying the ground floor of the former Northern Bank branch.
Academic claims Belfast is exploiting sinking of Titanic

BBC Radio 5 live's Shelagh Fogarty spoke to professor William Neill from Aberdeen University who said "disaster tourism" is disrespectful to the 1500 people who died. Ian Clarke is the Chief Executive of the Northern Ireland tourist board.
(listen to a bit of the 5 live interview)
Strange that many of the 'critics' haven't ever expressed their views in relation to other museums/exhibits which are rather less sympathetic to the disaster, nor the auctioning of recovered wreck items nor the many millions made from the films.

As the tourism chief said, the centre is one of many things happening. We have a service of remembrance in St Anne's Cathedral, the unveiling of the new Memorial Garden at Belfast City Hall and the emphasis on remembrance in the slipway park.

Love the number of copper domes in that last photo! And the contrast between the drab grey weather in the latest set and the bright sunniness in the previous set!

I was wondering what they would do with the balloon Titanic, suspended in the air is probably safest- had visions of drunk people bursting a few balloons on a saturday night!
Took this a while back driving into Belfast from Lisburn direction.

InShops on High Street is to be closed by its French owners.

Not that I find the building particularly attractive but there are a good few busy businesses located there and I don't see a buyer coming forward for what is an old building in desperate need of redevelopment.
I agree that the whole site in which the InShops occupies needs refurbished or indeed a wholesale redevelopment.

It is possible that the site has been sold quietly in an off the market sale?

If this were to be the case, I could only hope that any new owner of the site redevelops it into a mixed use development. Boutique shops, bars, restaurants, apartments, hotel and offices. Perhaps introduce a new street linking to Pottingers Entry from Church Lane?

With the ever increasing footfall on Church Lane to Victoria Square and towards Skipper Street and the Cathedral Quarter, Church lane has the potential to become a street lined with buzzing bars and restaurants with al-fresco dining - an example of which is Muriels which is always busy. A handful more dining / drinking establishments could make that area a destination in itself.

The potential wholesale redevelopment of the In-shops site, could lead to this possibility.

Anyone else any thoughts of what they would like to see happen to the In-Shops site?
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Ideally I'd like to see it knocked down as it's a major eyesore. Replace the above ground parking with underground and create a small, mixed use scheme of apartments and retail/dining, but densely packed in and to a similar aesthetic style/height to the Merchant across the road. Let any businesses still willing to remain there take up new units.
Redevelopment seems unlikely given the current climate, big commercial developments are not going to happening for a couple of years. Some shops may remain open if they own the unit themselves and are self-contained with access from the street.

There are some unique small businesses in the centre and be a shame to lose them. Some of the units have some really useful services.
There's a new watch fixer in Smithfield Market if you're desperate. In shops seemed to die a death with the smoking ban. They haven't even got their suburban colony in Glengormley anymore though I was surprised to see one in London, didn't realise they were a chain.
It seems the shops that face onto Church Street, Pottingers Entry and the carpark are not owned by InShops. So I think those will also remain open, it's just the units inside the building that are to close.
Has anyone heard anything about this proposal? I'm not sure what to make of it. On corner of Ann Street/Waterfront:
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Holy shit I love it! This is the adventurous stuff Belfast should be building. I wonder if that blob shaped building behind the city hall is still going ahead as well? (Think it was where HSBC is)

No doubt both will be rejected in planning though :'(
Oh don't know what to say about that, very different. I kinda like it though, it's certainly different
Love it!!! Must build :) I see they've also proposed an 10 storey aparthotel for Great Victoria Street, where the Beaten Docket currently resides!
Rumours from IKEA staff that IKEA Belfast is to close down....

It'll be sad, but there's nothing we can do.

I wonder is it just a conclusion they've come to themselves.

I heard that the business levy might force them to lay people off.
They make substantial losses at IKEA Belfast and IKEA managers operate their stores independently so any increased costs must be met locally which the Belfast IKEA can (if rumours are true) no longer afford.

For example when the levy comes into place IKEA will have a rates bill of £320,000 which for a store that is already making substantial losses is unreal.

Bad times ahead.
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