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Official Birmingham Thread 19

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a new round up is needed...
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im lost to what this is actually talking about?
anyone thought of bringing this up on the uk forum and not just the birmingham forum, cuz really... its npout to do with the birmingham forum or me as the birmingham mod.....
...which id imagine we'd be hearing about in the coming months ;)
same as last week. the ground level shots and the filming was all done in newcastle, bt when there wer shot taken from a helicopter, they were all of birmingham city centre!
im a little supprised its being moved there..... but then again, where else?

centenray sqare? but there is few buildings it can go against.... rotunda square es but its not the place u really hang around in, more of a thorogh-fare... hmmmm?!?!?!?
yes, ive seen it. it flew over town on monday but no-one mentioned it so i just disregarded it as me seeing things... any idea why?
Apparently there's been a Lancaster bomber flying around parts of north Birmingham recently. A couple of mates of mine have seen it over Four Oaks and Erdington. AFAIK, there's only one flying plane in the country.
arse off lol
^^ wasnt that the point of the parkinson report? i mean that is one of the largest masterplans in the UK
Starting to feel slightly embarassed with the plans and continuing number of towers being shat out of both Liverpools and Manchesters bum holes although admittedly alot are not going to happen or at least not for a long while it shows ambitions and straight talking. Something we lack. Both cities public seem to have a crying agenda and love of these type of projects because they and constantly put into the publics eye. Not ours. Hide, hide and hide some more and then when we short change them they wont notice. Need a new plan - a younger, fresher Birmingham with lean mean talking mp's that want the job of going down in Brums folklore as the people who made this city what it is today because at the moment none of them are being remembered the way I would want to be if I was given the job off running the UK's 2nd largest city.
nope i think it deserves its own thread, for the time being anyway
but where will they b lol
colmore plaza, the rest of show hill (ok maybe not), thats our office lot aint it lol!
and i dont know why, but i have a thing about big office buildings having company logos lit up on them at night, and i think colmore plaza woudl suit that nicely!
well its good that target flow has bought the canal area behind baskerville but this has been on the cards fo years yet nothing ever comes of it... infact lastime id heard, there had not even been a single drawing of the proposals at westside!!!!!

will be interesting to see what target flow have up their sleeves?!?!?
birmingham will be home to a FTSE250 company.. this is good!
thats national express though, not the national express group!
just 60 peoplpe from london?
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