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Official Birmingham Thread 19

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a new round up is needed...
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No, what was going on? This on a banner on one of the buildings down there
Anyone go to the ickneild port loop thing yesterday?
I drink in there quite regularly and I can't see it going. It's not quite the Barton Arms but it's still very impressive inside with lots of original tiles and cut glass.
:( I hope that is not the case. I would like to think that with all this investment into the area, the pub would actually see an increase in customers. Plus, the building is listed so whilst the pub may go, which is a shame, the building will not.
BCBCCR doesn't exactly roll off the tongue
Architecture Week 2007

Architecture Week has come round again and there seems to be much more going on than last year. There's way too much to list individually but along with Open Practice you can get a sneak preview of the Town Hall. Hurrah

Can't find an easy to read list of the events, so I've uploaded the one they sent me on rapid share
Happy birthday matey :cheers:
The model in the masshouse marketing cabin has an early vision of the courts which looks intresting

I think it exists only in Erebus's mind :nuts:

Excellent news about David Adjaye. I've been reading his making public buildings book and his practice does some lovely work.
Thaks Foxy - might take a look.

Where is that strange place in your "location"?
How predictable :eek:hno:

I've driven past this morning and they look to be the ones next door to the one being restored by Sapcote. They don't look too bad from the road
Two derelict hotels hit by fire
More than 90 firefighters have been tackling two blazes in neighbouring Birmingham buildings.

Part of Hagley Road near the city centre has been closed while crews deal with the fires in two empty buildings, formerly used as hotels.

A building surveyor has declared the structures unsafe and crews have been told not to enter the buildings.

West Midlands Fire Service say it is a difficult incident to deal with because of the danger involved.

Firefighters were called to the incident at 1830 BST on Sunday.

Traffic is moving out of Birmingham along the road, which is one of the city's major routes, but drivers travelling into the city are being diverted.
This is horrible. It looks like a awful television cabinet. I'll be objecting to this.
The BBMF Lancaster had been at Air Atlantique in Coventry recently for scheduled maintenance. Possibly back for a check up? The BBMF display program also shows the Lancaster at Croome Court, in Worcestershire last weekend.
I've been involved with a big tender for a Coventry relocation from London. I'm not sure if it's public knowledge yet so I won't say much other than it's a big one :);jsessionid=b2YPcq50d4kc
Does anyone know where they are likely to locate to? Everything seems to be about relocations at the mo! Im hoping it'll do Cov some good too.
Smithfield Court perhaps?

National Express have some pretty offices near Westbourne Gardens and I'm sure they have or had some space at 1 Hagley Road so my money's on Calthorpe House
I'd say this piece of new is significant enough to warrant its own thread, this is the first time I can remember a major organistion re-locating from London to any city let alone Brum. Add to that there will lots of speculation as to which building they'll occupy, how much room they'll need etc.

Woodie's mentioned Colmore Plaza as a potential site, Masshouse is just round the corner from the coach station, any more ideas???
If they reckon they're going live on the 1st of Jan 2008 - and unless it's further out of the city centre - I guess it can only be Baskerville or Fort Dunlop
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