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Official Birmingham Thread 19

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a new round up is needed...
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Sorry, I'm a bit behind on this one. Is it going to fill the 4th corner of Holloway Circus?
So we could see a cluster of sorts developing around here? :) Tower would be very nice, but is this one of the council's suggested locations for one?
But that's what Greater Birmingham means, Birmingham itself and the places around it :) And besides, you've got it as part of your location.
^^ Great news :) I hope this is going to be of suitably high quality build.

Does anyone mind if I personally go and take a sledgehammer to Stephenson Tower, see what damage I can do?

Btw, nice pics :)
Sorry, please don't hurt me :uh:

It's odd, in general I like tower blocks, and I like some a lot. But with Stephenson Tower I can only muster hatred and a strange instinctive wish to destroy. It's probably something to do with thinking of all the people who come out of NSS and this is one of the first things they'll see. :no:
How about I personally take a sledgehammer to you Mr smysticed to see what damage I can do?? :bash:

Sorry, I should have followed that with a wink smiley. ;) Stephenson Tower is in the wrong place. It's a suburb tower, not a city centre one.
Just a thought, but is the evacuation of Victoria Law Courts going to be so that a new High Court can fill it? I know that a High Court in Brum has been mentioned a few times on here, and surely this is it's obvious location?
That would seem the obvious plan to me, and I really hope it is :)

I'd certainly much rather the Victoria Court building continued to be used for this purpose, and tbh I can't really think what else you could do with it...
You might be right, I'm only guessing here. Although, in that case, what will be Victoria building be used for? I'd be unhappy to see it standing unused, or worse gotten rid of.
I thought the reason the law courts are relocating was because the current building wasn't suitable for that use in the 21st century, in which case i don't see how they'd work for a High Court. Or am I mistaken?
I assumed it would be, but the Grand Hotel is listed and sitting unused, with the possibility of it being demolished. :dunno:
I do like these blocks, in a visual sense they're the best kind of tower block you can have in my opinion: big, imposing, an interesting design, and not falling apart.
Seeing as you're already in a bad mood, I won't point out that you spelt bane wrong... oops ;)
It's a bit out of the way at the moment, but I thought Millennium Point was supposed to be the kind of place for this kind of thing. Although I can see that it's not currently suitable, and all the developments around there to come may make it not a great idea.
Sorry, I worded that wrong, I mean Millennium Point was out of the way, not Chamberlain Square. And while I think it's in a good place at the moment for people to sit and watch, I reckon with the reopening of the Town Hall it's time for it to move, the screen really detracts from such a beautiful building for me, and while that was ok when it was under scaffolding anyway, it can't really stay where it is in my view.
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