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Official Birmingham Thread 19

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a new round up is needed...
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Does anyone know where they are likely to locate to? Everything seems to be about relocations at the mo! Im hoping it'll do Cov some good too.
I've been involved with a big tender for a Coventry relocation from London. I'm not sure if it's public knowledge yet so I won't say much other than it's a big one :);jsessionid=b2YPcq50d4kc
nope i think it deserves its own thread, for the time being anyway
I'd say this piece of new is significant enough to warrant its own thread, this is the first time I can remember a major organistion re-locating from London to any city let alone Brum. Add to that there will lots of speculation as to which building they'll occupy, how much room they'll need etc.

Woodie's mentioned Colmore Plaza as a potential site, Masshouse is just round the corner from the coach station, any more ideas???
Smithfield Court perhaps?

National Express have some pretty offices near Westbourne Gardens and I'm sure they have or had some space at 1 Hagley Road so my money's on Calthorpe House
Its probably new border defence force. Saw a couple of job adverts related to it. Very good news for Midlands if its something else as well as that :)

Here is another Birmingham Mail article relating to the fact it is only FTSE 250 company in Birmingham when it moves.

apologies i cut off bottom line.

from left to right, missing bits are:

The focus will be very much in

the site of the new headquarters

said Mr Bowker.
Oh settle down Molly.
Just because no-one celebrated your great post weeks ago.
I thought the wink was clear enough for some to work out irony or perhaps I will start adding [irony] around posts!
but where will they b lol
Well its justabout gone.

HP Sauce tower comes down
Jul 26 2007

Most of the HP Sauce tower was torn down yesterday as part of the on-going demolition of the Birmingham factory.

The process to knock down the building in Aston Cross, which began last month, will signal the end for one of the city's last remaining world-famous industrial sites.

It comes after Heinz decided to switch production to Holland, with a loss of 120 jobs and the factory's closure in March.

On Monday the HP Sauce sign, which once featured on the tower, was saved and handed over to a museum by Chancerygate, the firm behind the former factory site's proposed regeneration.

Charlie Withers, director of Chancerygate, said: "The HP sign can now be taken down and entrusted to the people of Birmingham.

"Our involvement on this site has always been mindful of the site's distinct heritage. This is why we commissioned specialist consultants to undertake a full historic building record of the site, prior to commencement of demolition."

The development company is planning to construct a new Chancerygate Business Centre, providing small industrial and warehouse units from 1,500 sq ft upwards for purchase or lease for local businesses.
and thanks to our compatriots at 28dayslater a few photos of the factory before and during demolition

like to know what will happen to the sign considering lots of the remmants of past buildings 'disappeared'.
If they reckon they're going live on the 1st of Jan 2008 - and unless it's further out of the city centre - I guess it can only be Baskerville or Fort Dunlop
That really makes me sad :eek:hno:
Pfff they'll never tell us about the library it was far too dodgy the way they scrapped the Eastside plans.
I don't know, I was present on the forum when that particular issue was at the forefront of attention and I think the council's position was pretty clear at the time: the previous Labour administration had big plans but they were a little soft on the financing. Whitby's lot didn't think they could secure financing for a library reported to require £350 million to construct. And that was just the outline requirement, you know how budgets on projects like this tend to balloon. Whether you agree with them or not (I'm undecided), I think their position was fairly clear: labour was indulging in wishful thinking dressed up as grand designs.

Btw, the £350 million figure is one I just pulled out of my notoriously unreliable memorybanks. Anybody who knows better - feel free to correct away.
Gentlemen, place your bets.
I'd go with Colmore Plaza, Baskerville already has tennants that I'd be pretty sure would mean National Express wouldn't fit, Fort Dunlop would be too far out of the city centre for an operation like this when you think in terms of transport connections. That really only leaves Comore Plaza, it's big enough and empty and centrally located with the added incentive of CP2 next door should further expansion be required.

Plus Woody mentioned it on another thread!!
colmore plaza, the rest of show hill (ok maybe not), thats our office lot aint it lol!
and i dont know why, but i have a thing about big office buildings having company logos lit up on them at night, and i think colmore plaza woudl suit that nicely!
I'm with you on that, a nice logo on top of that CP would finish it off perfectly.
What is National Expreress' logo though? It has to be a good one should it be lit up at night.
NX group, or something equally anonymous.
well its good that target flow has bought the canal area behind baskerville but this has been on the cards fo years yet nothing ever comes of it... infact lastime id heard, there had not even been a single drawing of the proposals at westside!!!!!

will be interesting to see what target flow have up their sleeves?!?!?
Hmmm fairly bland but it'll look good in neon.
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