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Ogun State Agro Airport|Off Lagos - Ibadan Expressway - NIGERIA |Starts July 2008

This planning report for the proposed Ogun Agro Airport was initiated to establish the preliminary onfiguration of the airport and its surrounding areas. The requirements of the airport were established by quantifying the goals and objectives provided by the State of Ogun for the Airport and applying international accepted planning standards to develop the required facilities.
One of the goals of the airport is that it will be established as an agricultural cargo airport that will be an economic vehicle for the local development and will raise the international profile of the State of Ogun. However, the challenge to develop the Ogun Agro Airport as a cargo airport will be on its ability to divert cargo, passengers and services from Lagos International Airport. This will be a challenge because the carriers and their support structure are well established at Lagos International Airport.
This report presents the results of the quantitative analysis performed by the consultant to evaluate the demand for the airport and the facilities required to meet that demand. The analysis was performed considering that even though some of the facilities were not part of the original scope of work, they were deemed necessary for the proper functioning and development of the airport, to meet the stated policy goals of the government and to provide for a “full service” airport.

The Minister of National Planning and at the same time Deputy Chairman of the National Planning Commission has stated that “the crisis of movement of passengers and goods at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport has made another airport imperative.” Lagos International Airport can not longer cope with the influx of passengers and cargo. The proposed site, between the Sagamu interchange along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway and the Sagamu-Benin expressway, has been identified as a potential location because of its
strategic location.
The airport has been identified as a potential center for the export of flowers, vegetables, fruits and other perishable goods. Also, the state of Ogun has envisioned the airport as a potential hub for a new industrial town providing for services and business opportunities to the people of Ogun. Other proposed uses for the airport include services for mail and courier operators, a pilot training school, an aircraft maintenance facilities and general aviation facilities including a pilot training school, helicopter and air taxi services.


The State of Ogun is promoting the development of the airport as part of its economic development strategy that will raise the standard of living of its residents. The proposedairport will enable the Ogun State to import consumer goods, machinery and industrial raw products and to export agricultural products and perishable goods.
The purpose of this effort, the outline planning for the airport, is to present and recommend the long-term development plan for the Airport. The report is organized in logical and analytical steps that include the analysis of the demand for cargo at the airport, the development of the facilities to meet that demand and the development of the concept to address the requirements.
The report includes the following sections:
 Aviation Demand Forecast​
 Geological Setting of the Project Area​
 Airside Requirements Analysis and Concept Development​
 Cargo Requirements Analysis and Concept Development​
 Passenger Terminal Building Requirements Analysis and Concept Development
 Airport Support Facilities​
 Airport Utilities Requirements​
 Airport Land Use Compatibility Criteria​
 Outline Master Plan for the Surrounding Areas
 Delineation of Phase 1 Development​

The first phase of the project was the data collection, site reconnaissance, utility
investigation, topographic survey and mapping, obstacle surveying, geotechnical

The second phase of the project and the phase that is developed in this report is the outline planning of the airport and its surrounding areas. The main objectives of this section are:
to identify the land requirements for the airport and the surrounding areas land uses to identify potential facilities that are needed at the airport, recommendations for land uses around the airport and identification of the demand for various utilities.
Future activity projections were developed for the long term planning horizon, starting with the opening of the airport. The aviation demand forecast were used to establish the future facility requirements for passenger terminal building, support and ancillary facilities and the most important the requirement for the development of the cargo facilities. It should be noted that the design schedules were based on the short, medium and long term development because of the uncertainty of the development for these services at the airport. The technical analysis and quantification of these needs were performed based on the design schedules (short, medium and long) as discussed in the report.

The facility requirements for the various components of the airport (i.e. airfield, terminal, support/ancillary, and ground access facilities) were used to identify the
Phase 1 development Plan.

Recommended Phase 1Development elements include:
 Runway and associated connecting taxiway.
 Navigation and Visual Navigation Aids,​
 Electrical Substations, Radar Antenna and Support Facilities and Transmitter andReceiver,​
 Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT)​
 Terminal Building​
 Cargo Facilities​
 Security Checkpoints and Boundary Enclosures​
 Central Utility Complex​
 Air Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility​
 Technical Support Facilities
- Warehouse & Maintenance for Motors & Civil Works​
 Fuel Farm​
 Catering Facility​
 Aircraft Maintenance Hangars​
 Airport Maintenance Workshops​
 General Aviation Building​

The Phase 2 will include all the facilities illustrated for Phase 1 and the following:

 Full parallel taxiway.​
 Rapid Exit Taxiway​
 Taxiway connections.​

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Great!.First heard of this project in 2004 or 05..I'm glad to finally see some renderings of the Project.

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