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Hello all,

Does anyone by any chance know of any additions/corrections to the data that I have, or someone who might? This relates to British Rail standard types.

MK1 - early WCML, imperial measurements, cantilever, painted masts, copper wire/cantilevers, use of portals on multi track, cantilevers on twin track, uses corrosion resistant components

MK2 - Glasgow to Wemyss Bay only, metric measurements, cantilever, unique experiment, now phased out, used cheaper galvanised steel arms

MK3 - ECML and northern WCML, uses headspans, uses cantilevers on twin track, many problems with it, introduced on BedPan, galvanised masts/aluminium arms, simple sagged, auto tensioned, lower system height, higher tension, development of MK2, AWAC catenary

a - steel headspan wires, copper contact
b - ditto but aluminium headspan wires, uses metric components
c - ditto but copper catenary, imperial components
d - copper/tin contact

MK4 - 140mph running, thicker wires, incompatible with MK3, higher tension

UK1 - modification of MK1/MK3 using aluminium or maybe steel cantilever arms and non porcelain insulators, first designed for WCML upgrade

Series 1 - this removed over-boom catenary wire and associated bird and pulley wheel problems!

Series 2 - copper wire, bronze catenary, fixed earthing devices, Omnia aluminium cantilever sliding component arrangement, few components, removed over-boom catenary wire and associated bird and pulley wheel problems

Kind regards,

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