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Morocco has signed three exploration contracts with three international oil companies from Cyprus, Canada and Malaysia, MAP news agency reported.

The agreements were signed, on the sidelines of the 4th conference "Maghreb & Mediterranean Oil and Gas 2006" in Marrakech, by Amina Benkhadra, general director of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM), with the representatives of Cabre Maroc Ltd (Cyprus), Transatlantic Maroc Ltd (Canada) and Genting Oil Morocco Ltd (Malaysia).

These bring the number of agreements signed with ONHYM in the mining sector to 17 agreements and six reconnaissance contracts in collaboration with 20 partners.

The contracts cover a total area of 237,195,40 km2, providing for four exploration concessions, 85 research permits (14 onshore and 71 offshore) and six onshore reconnaissance authorisations.

The Minister of Energy and Mining, Mohamed Boutaleb, invited on Wednesday international oil companies to benefit from morocco's potentials.

“Morocco, with its 350,000 km2 of sedimentary basins, constitutes an interesting and practically virgin zone for oil drilling,” he underlined.

“Although we are satisfied with the quality of cooperation with the oil companies operating in Morocco at present, our subsoil is still under-tapped,” he added.
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Les raffineries bien qu'elles soit polluantes créent beaucoup d'emploi, faut que le ministre de l'industrie crée un plan de relance pour s'approcher de 100% de raffinage local. Je sais pas pourquoi ca serait difficile avec notre main d'oeuvre qualifiée et pas chère?
"25% pour l’ONHYM" Est ce que cela comprend aussi les costs d'exploration?
C'est même pas suffisant pour la consommation locale donc on reste un pays avec peu de ressourses naturels :(
it is not oil that we are finding...we found some gas but we only get 25% of the deal and that wouldn't change much of any thing.
Any local production will greatly curve imports that we have to pay with dollars. It's not gonna make us rich but it will help balance the trade deficit.

A 25% share on the exploitation so the state gets 25% of the net result which will be very low anyway since worldwide gas prices are taking a hit from the LNG boom.
Like for Oil operating costs from gas extraction are getting very close the selling price which means new investors will hardly make any profits from the next few years?
Du concret ..

C'est une fraction mais 350 M m3 c'est le tier du besoin du pays en GN et ca va permetre au moins a une des deux centrales electrique de redemarrer.
Y'aura surrement d'autres gisements.

Sinon pour ceux qui parlent d'export c'est des youtubers qui ne savent pas de quoi il s'agit.
J'aprecie les efforts de ce media pour chercher les détails...

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Je ne sais pas de quel indépendance énergétique ce youtuber parle. Le gaz algerien représente moins que 5% de la facture énergétique du Maroc. Remplacer ces 5% par du gaz naturel venant de Tendrara ou d'ailleurs ne nous ramènera pas une indépendance énergétique.
Bien sur mais c'est un début. On commence de zero.

Les 2 centrales ont besoin d'environ 700 M m3.
Chacune ou les deux ?
Source: Sound Energy, SSCM - Facebook
Does anyone have coordinates please ?
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Does anyone have coordinates please ?
32 kms West of Tendrara town.

Let's hope they end this madness

It's what prospectors always do everywhere not only in Morocco. They announce "big potential" so that they get investors money. Most of the time the fields are not profitable but sometimes it is.
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This what he said the ceo of sound energy and what the siteweb shows
Well of course the CEO of a prospector company will overestimate the resource potential. It doesn't mean he is always right.
As shown in previous posts #2,264 recoverable resources are barely enough to cover a good part of Moroccan consumption. Actual size of each field will only be confirmed once production starts.

Les offres financières pour l’achat de la raffinerie oscillent entre 1,8 et 2,8 milliards de dollars
Idk if I trust this website's numbers but wouldn't they f** take the highest bidder especially if it's from the USA.

EDIT: I found the same article on Morocco receives 15 offers from seven countries for the purchase of the Samir refinery

Idk which one copied from the other and no sources are mentioned.
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