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Morocco has signed three exploration contracts with three international oil companies from Cyprus, Canada and Malaysia, MAP news agency reported.

The agreements were signed, on the sidelines of the 4th conference "Maghreb & Mediterranean Oil and Gas 2006" in Marrakech, by Amina Benkhadra, general director of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM), with the representatives of Cabre Maroc Ltd (Cyprus), Transatlantic Maroc Ltd (Canada) and Genting Oil Morocco Ltd (Malaysia).

These bring the number of agreements signed with ONHYM in the mining sector to 17 agreements and six reconnaissance contracts in collaboration with 20 partners.

The contracts cover a total area of 237,195,40 km2, providing for four exploration concessions, 85 research permits (14 onshore and 71 offshore) and six onshore reconnaissance authorisations.

The Minister of Energy and Mining, Mohamed Boutaleb, invited on Wednesday international oil companies to benefit from morocco's potentials.

“Morocco, with its 350,000 km2 of sedimentary basins, constitutes an interesting and practically virgin zone for oil drilling,” he underlined.

“Although we are satisfied with the quality of cooperation with the oil companies operating in Morocco at present, our subsoil is still under-tapped,” he added.
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yeah speacially that this last year the economy is doing really good thanks to tourism and infrastructure projects, with oil the process of devellopement will be faster, im optimistic about finding oil in morocco because our neighbours algeria and mauritania are producers then there is no reason we don't
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belgiumguy said:
@casa don't jou remember the speech of the king a time ago were he said that they found oil fields worth 20 BILLION barrels near the border with Algeria.The entire zone is heavily guarded with troops.But I don't know if they are drilling jet.But 20 billion is alot, Algeria has aproximately 12.46 billion.
yeap effectively, and it was just wrong information, i think the speech was for political reasons, because at the time the moroccan economy was in bad situation, it was a way to give hope to people. by sure it was wrong information, and they said that the company was too much optimistic..blah blah
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greenbage said:
I agree it would be great if we find oil but also morocco must diversify our economy, and not to rely on agriculture only, we need more jobs in high tech like electronics so we first need education and training this takes a long time.

We are starting to get more companies outsourcing in morocco which is a good thing I think?

Anyway I am on my way to tangier where the sunshine's just checked the weather forecast and its 27 C HOT) I cant wait to see BLEDI INSHALAH speak to you all soon and keep up the great work you guys are doing.

bon voyage and welcome back home mustapha and please take a lot of picture of tangiers and northern is very nice specially in the summer
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:) why are u not happy that you are oil producer, i think that iran is a powerfull country now if partially because of its oil
the king was not lying but the company was lying, but for the king he mentioned this fake finding i guess to calm down the situation at that time, but i guess his advisors should have advised him to wait alittle bit before he could anounce it in public
i think if iran didn't have oil it will be in the puppet side, because this is the rule either be puppet or out, iran is an exeption because it can stand the embargos because it has oil and also it has internal industries
but in general is always good to be wealty at this time, just you need the right manager
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