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Morocco has signed three exploration contracts with three international oil companies from Cyprus, Canada and Malaysia, MAP news agency reported.

The agreements were signed, on the sidelines of the 4th conference "Maghreb & Mediterranean Oil and Gas 2006" in Marrakech, by Amina Benkhadra, general director of the National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines (ONHYM), with the representatives of Cabre Maroc Ltd (Cyprus), Transatlantic Maroc Ltd (Canada) and Genting Oil Morocco Ltd (Malaysia).

These bring the number of agreements signed with ONHYM in the mining sector to 17 agreements and six reconnaissance contracts in collaboration with 20 partners.

The contracts cover a total area of 237,195,40 km2, providing for four exploration concessions, 85 research permits (14 onshore and 71 offshore) and six onshore reconnaissance authorisations.

The Minister of Energy and Mining, Mohamed Boutaleb, invited on Wednesday international oil companies to benefit from morocco's potentials.

“Morocco, with its 350,000 km2 of sedimentary basins, constitutes an interesting and practically virgin zone for oil drilling,” he underlined.

“Although we are satisfied with the quality of cooperation with the oil companies operating in Morocco at present, our subsoil is still under-tapped,” he added.
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If this is true then it will be just a matter of time before the US will bring democracy to Morocco :nuts:
+1000000 :lol:
excelente nouvelle , par contre moi cecque je n'ai jamais compris , pourquoi le Maroc importe du charbon alors qu'on a le notre a Jerrada ....c'est toujours mieux utiliser le notre que de l'importer de l'afrique du sud ...ou je me trompe la encore ...
Je pense que pour Jerada c'est finis.
Un peu d'ordre ne fera pas de tort,mais en attendant une remise en ordre les automobilistes auront du mal a s'approvisionner.
Ils en souffrent déjà :laugh:
Les stations-service en ces derniers jours à Oujda :

شهدت محطات البنزين بمدينة وجدة هذا الصباح تدفقا كبيرا من طرف السيارات بمختلف أنواعها بسبب افتقار الجهة الشرقية للبنزين المهرب من الجزائر و أيضا بسبب ثمنه الذي ارتفع بشكل صاروخي خلال هذين الشهرين حتى فاق ثمن البنزين الموجوود بالمحطات المغربية

و لعل تفاقم الأزمة بالشقيقة الجزائر جعلسكان وجدة يحولنو وجهتهم نحو محطات البنزين القليلة بالمنطقة الشرقية و التي أرهقها تهريب البنزين في وقت سابق حتى أغلقت أغلبها بسبب الإفلاس إذ لم يتبقى الى 6 محطات ، كما كبد التهريب شركات النفط الوطنية خسارة فادحة سنوية تراوحت ما بين 45 و 60 مليون درهم، فيما تكبدت الخزينة العامة للدولة، خسارة تفوق 150 مليون درهم سنويا وقد تتجاوز 200 مليون درهم
و بلغت أسعار البنزين الجزائري أزيد من 300 درهم للبرميل (سعة 30 لتر) و ذلك بسبب تضييق الخناق على تهريبه من الجزائر الأمر الذي أشعل فتيل احتجاجات بالغرب الجزائري الذي يعتمد أغلب سكانه على تهريب البنزين نحو المغرب

أحمد تابت ـ ع.املوان

Oujda Zoom
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The queues will vanish once summer is over and the euope based moroccans go back. It already was getting better last week when the stations had enough fuel.
I agree, and yes things are getting better.
Le titre de cet article est un peu trompeur, certes les activitées de contrebande ont baissés, mais le carburant se vend encore.
Il nous faut une déclaration officielle maintenant, non ?
Rig, Tendrara, Marocco

These pics were taken over 3 years ago. I don't have much info about this rig but hope u guys could fill me in!

Posté en 2010.
Ne t’inquiète pas:
1/ Rien n'est encore finalisé. On ne parle que de propositions
2/ D'ici-là, les tueurs de forêts auront accompli leur mission. L'impact d'une raffinerie sur le Moyen Atlas serait donc minime.
Ces mafias... Faut mettre un terme à ca !

Dommage, y'a pas l'option "commentaire"...
70 millons de barriles, c'est cool ? doit-on se rejouir ? :?
on consomme 250 milles barils par jour, donc 70 millions c'est environ 1 an de consommation :D.
C'est bof bof alors :laugh:
@ dcasataza: Click on this button when you want to quote something :

it will give you two tags, you've to put the text between them:
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Nothing, except this speech:

We are delighted, at this moment in which we celebrate these two great memorial days, to announce to you, dear people, the good news of the discovery of Oil and Natural Gas, in good quality and abundant quantities, in the region of Talsint, in the provinces of the Oriental, which are so dear to us.

King of Morocco, Mohammed the sixth
But the info of an oil discovery was a hoax, and Morocco sued some of its partners in the drilling prospection, if I'm not wrong, this issue is still in court.
Don't know if this was already posted here :

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