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The Okomu National Park is part of the the 1,082 square kilometer Okomu Forest Reserve. The Park is the largest block of lowland rainforest left in south-west Nigeria, approximately 60 km south-west of the city of Benin.
It is one of the best locations in Nigeria to see all of the West African forest hornbills including good numbers of Black-casqued Hornbill Ceratogymna atrata and Yellow-casqued Hornbill C.elata.
Three species of spinetail can be seen from one of the tree platforms in the forest, Sabine’s Spinetail Rhaphidura sabini ,Cassin’s Spinetail Neafrapus cassini and the nationally rare Black Spinetail Telacanthura melanopygia.
All four Negrofinches, White-breasted Nigrita fusconotus, Chestnut-breasted N.bicolor, Pale-fronted N. luteifrons and Grey-crowned N. canicapillus occur commonly.
Also, it is only one of two sites in the country where Yellow-throated Cuckoo Chrysococcyx flavigularis has been recorded
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