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1950's Brisbane

Brisbane skyline Petrie Bight 1950

Albert Street 1950

George Pickers Building Fortitude Valley 1950

Harry's Caravan Cafe 1955

James St Fortitude valley 1950

Prospect St Kangaroo Pt 1950

Roma St markets 1950

Roma St Markets

Roma St Markets

Sth Brisbane waterfront

Upper Edward st 1950

Alice St 1951

Valley 1951

George St 1951


George St 1954

BCC St Sweeper 1955

BCC vehicle 1955

Sth Brisbane 1955

Palms Cafe Queen St 1955

Sth Brisbane theatre

Theirs a bit of mixed bag of shots their, mostly all from the BCC website.

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A few more old Brisbane pictures, the modern shots aren't great matches, but they give you the idea of what the area is like now.

1889 Queen and Eagle Sts

1890 Sth Brisbane dry dock and old train station

1900s North Quay

1938 Howard Smith Wharfs

1959 Edward St

1960 River (infested with some plant)

1991 Southbank


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aussie bouy, thanks for pix. i notice a nice brick chimney in this sth brisbane pic
what is it part of? it looks 18m maybr.


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Emirates House

Emirates House was completed in 1972 and was known for many years by it's address - 167 Eagle Street. In the early nineties it was refurbished as Telstra House and again more recently as Emirates House. In it's original state it was 313.33 feet tall above Eagle Street . The same architects later did AMP and Comalco Place.

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I've posted these before, long ago, and kept them in my Photobucket album for years, so...newbies might get a kick out of them: (unfortunately the credits and details are lost now - they're on one of Aussie Bhoy's earlier Brisbane historic threads i think. Most, floods etc are obvious ).

Anyway, here goes:

Cloudland - maybe posted twice before. I've literally kept this pic for years

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