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Here's a few more:

Lake Minnetonka downtowns:
Wayzata: very expensive real estate!!
Mound: a major expansion/redevelopment is planned
Excelsior: A charming main street w. excellent view of the lake

2. Edina: 50th & France--many of the older buildings have been torn down for high price retail buildings, but it has nice urban feel
3. Osseo
4. South St. Paul: near the old stockyards
5. Robbinsdale
6. Columbia Heights also has somewhat of a downtown along Central Avenue, just north of the Mpls border

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lotrfan55345 said:
Chaska & Excelcior are the ones I most visit. Exelcior is much nicer and more "upper class" than Chaska. I find Chaska actually quite a bit.. delapidated.
I used to live in Chaska and I wouldnt say delapidated. Its not exciting by any means but its not terrible either. Excelcior is nice, very how would I put it "artsy?" It doesnt really seem like the surrounding area to me, but it could just be me.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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