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Old scanned articles of Melbourne.

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please post your old newspaper clippings in here.

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Cul...amazing at the same time I was doing the same thing!!! I thought woowww..I'm going to have too many threads!!!!
I can't believe that the thought of pulling down the Independent Church actually entered anybody's head, ever!

These are fascinating Redbaron, keep 'em coming...

thank christ that Nauru/MLC look-a-like wasn't built.
thanks guys, theyre quite interesting.
funny how renders even in the 70's were skewed to look taller
wow, never seen that one before. it says it maybe taller then 602ft Aussie sq to become Australias tallest. and this was back in 1970..looks 200m?
the 602ft or 183m was Aussie sq "RL" height. but it ended up being Australia;s tallest anyway in 1991 with its 264m antenna."officially".
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Another scheme that didn't get up..but now 101 Collins St. stands there so sometimes it's all for the best!
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This tower looked ok..and at the high location of Cnr.Bourke and William sts. would have been a landmark tower for sure....but even though the present AMP is not quite up to date it is still a good representative of the late 60's so we should keep some.....!
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^^ :cry: One of my favourite never-built buildings, wish it was built on some other site.
I would like the St James and AMP buildings to stay as well. :)
The first version was 302m high (to top of glass, 275m to top floor) with 72 levels above ground.

It was approved with 62 levels and a height of 274m to the top of the glass. The glass box on the roof shown in that rendering was just a building envelope. If it had of gone ahead they were going to have a design competition to build a glass sculptural element at the top of the tower within the envelope.

I wish it had of got built on the Grand Central site across the road.
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And one of my favorites!!! the old BHP..140 William's timeless !watched it grow like a mecanno set !
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I have the planning scheme amendment for that AMP development from July 1998....I would be happy to scan it it any of you are interested
^ Yes please!!!!!

AMP's proposal is a crying shame it stayed that way.

You may hate me for saying this but the existing 'St James & AMP tower' are buildings I kinda wouldn't mind so much if they were demolished and redeveloped,
Here are details about Church Place...AMP...Bourke and Williams Sts...July 1998...Bates Smart Architects....Melbourne Planning scheme Amendment L294
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Sorry if the scanning went a bit weird??? but it is a very interesting article...Just think the plans for this building are sitting somewhere....If only we could find a little bit of land to use them on.......Don't think AMP will ever go ahead with this plan!

First of all I pretty much only joined this community to share this with you.
I have foud many old family slides and got the projector up and running again which means I am now looking at thousands of family photos from 15 - 40 years ago. Many are family members in younger times and many are the cities we live and breath in today. I can only look at them at night, and am only getting through 40 a day but I have seen some pretty cool images. PLease note I would love to get a slide to digital picture converter but for the time being Im taking pictures, of a picture, that is of the projection on my wall - well white sheet actually.
Heres a few pics.

Amazing image looking over melbourne entertainment venues, to be. I would guess date it at around 1980. Melbourne park was completed in 1988.

this picture taken from the same builing different direction looking south west-ish.

COnstruction estimated date 1967

I seem to think this is lake burnley griffin, would also be about 1968.

There will be more images after i look at more lsides.
Please discuss
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