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Old Varna

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all taken from right here:
(and then some from here
though the site is Bulgarian only, so I won't be able to translate them all, it will take me forever, however I will try to comment on some ;)

The Central Part
Varna map in 1923:

the Theater, by Architect Nikola Lazarov, begun in 1912 but finished in 1932:

the streets:
Independence Plaza

Preslavka Street

Boulevard Marie Louise: Home of the Officers club:

Vladislav street leading to the Central Post Building

Boulevard Kniaz Boris I home of the Musala Hotel in 1928

Boulevard Saborni in 1900 the main artery to the new varna city, named Pirot in 1923 for a few years

Boulevard Slivnica

Shkorpil Street built after the destruction of the Turkish barracks (pic2), it hda many names, including Pirot, until being named for the Shkorpil brothers, one of the first inhabitants of the place, and the first house to be built

Tzaribrod street was among the longest streets during the turkish occupation and included in lowlying areas the turkish mahala. after independence however Varna began loosing its Oriental aspects. it ran all the way to the Devnya river, and after 1896 it was inhabited by Armenian immigrants from the city of Кайсери, I don't know how it is translated in English though. Also many bulgarians came from Kotel and other rural areas, and all spoke turkish in addition to Bulgarian

Old Churches not much, but check the link for info.




Balnear Varna
is known as the Slavian Nice, the Balkan Riviera and the Tsaritsa of the Black Sea
The Beach
in 1921 it was named the first national bulgarian resort, though the baths were opened in 1890

the men's baths:

and the women's:

the women's beach:

the first bar

the restaurant that replaced it, nowadays known as the Sea Casino

spa north of varna in St Konstantin

more from here

The Sea Garden
it began in 1862 when the then Ottoman governor Halil effendi, put aside 10dk to use as a public park. but it isn't until 1888 that the authorities began creating the real landscape, but the modern aspect of the park is dated to 1902 by the Doctor Basanovich. You can see pictures of it throughout the beach section above.

the Port
the construction of the modern port began in 1895 to 1906 under the French engeneer Gerard

more from here:

Varna's Lighthouses
Cape Galata

Port's lighthouse

Euxinovgrad's lighthouse




first Autobus company, by two brothers who brought a Chevrolet from the US

Train Station opened in 1925, and in 1929 the clock is added to the tower.
the first railway in Bulgaria was built by the Ottomans from Varna to Ruse.

the Airport

Asparuhov Bridge in the 60s

Around Varna
Euxinovgrad Palace

Aladja Monastery

list of villages around Varna
interesting list, contains their old ottoman and new bulgarian names.
Here are some other pics from this site:
The Crimean War Varna played an integral part in the war, having been chosen as a base.
more than 30,000 french soldiers, 25,000 english and 10,000 Ottoman troops overall passed through the city

past and present
central post office:


Preslav street:






that's it folks, remeber, all the credit goes to the 2 sites above, and congrats on The Public Library Pencho Slaveykov for making such a great site!!!
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very nice to see how some things have changed but some stayed completely the same. how much of old varna survived?
it's nice to see Bulgarians weren`t so shy as Latvians:D remember that Gatis's thread with old photos of how they used to enter water?
okay, I closed it to add some new pics...
and yeah, I guess we weren't as refined as Latvians :D
as for Varna's old buildings, well not many, but know that there weren't many to begin with, and many remain. Though there are still many soc. era buildings, commies, and what was built isn't of the most memorable sort. And know that the Commies thought about destroying the whole city to build another completely planned one instead :D
I'll see where I found the projects....
central post office additional floors made it look like a commie building today
and how about this:
are these women, not only posing for a camera in swimwear, but on top of that smoking??!!! :runaway:
the Cherno More Hotel when it was U/C

an old street

the citadel

and now from the archeological museum and library
Г Р А Д В А Р Н А 1 8 8 7 год
мащаб 1:5000 (1 мм.=5 м)
Население - към 1881 год. - 25000 души
here's a thumbnail

Г Р А Д В А Р Н А 1 9 2 3 год
мащаб 1:5000 (1 мм.=5 м)
Население - към 1923 год. - 50 000 души

and for the Hotel Musala:

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