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Older Photos of African Cities from 1900´s - 1980´s

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Popa1980, that´s for you, you asked for it! But let´s extend it beyond the colonial period, simply showing older photos from African cities from 1900´s to 1980´s! The thread is not intended to glorify anything but just to show early urban development of African cities and that´s all! So no colonial debates, please!

I will start with the urban development of the Former Belgian Congo (Zaire)[/SIZE]

All these are cities showing the Former Belgian Congo (Zaire)

Almost all cities were built from scratch......

Leopoldville in the mid 50´s and early 60´s

Kinshasa early 70´s (once called "Kinsasha la Belle")

this is a hotel called Stanley

Mannekin Piss (copy from Brussels)

Elisabethville (Lubumbashi today) of the 50´s and 60´s

Place Royale

photos of 1961

....To be continued
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Wow it was very nice! this cities were much more green
Luloubourg (Kananga)

below you can see a cinema

photo taken in the city centre of Loloubourg (weird name for a city, by the way)

Belgian patisserie shop in Louloubourg

Some more Elisabethville/Lubumbashi photos taken in 50´s till 70´s

Grand Hotel in Elisabetheville

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Jadotville/Likasi photos taken from 1950´s to 1970´s

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Costermansville (Bukavu) from mid 1950´s to early 1960´s

The city is situated on the banks of Lake Kivu. It is said that it was used to be something like "Saint-Tropez of Congo": it attracted numerous people/ tourists from all over Congo, thanks to its temparate climate and its scenic location

the catedral of Costermansville

street scenes of the city

really beautiful

Hôtel Pointe Clairette

scenic views around the city (Lake Kivu)

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Coquihatville/Mbandaka from the 1950´s to 1960´s

hôtel in that town

one hotel

this is one more photos of Costermansville 50´s/60´s (it looks like in the Swiss Alpes of the 50´s somehow to me, the setting is truly stunning)

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the last photos didn´t appear well here is Costermansville again, so simply click on the link below, the setting is worth having a look at!

Photos of Elisabethville/Lubumbashi

mores aspects of Elisabethville

a restaurant

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Inside a city office in Kinshasa in 1969

Medicine Laborartories for Tropical Diseases

post office in Kinshasa early 60´s

Kinshasa in mid 60´s to early 70´s

Botanical Garden in Kinshasa early 60´s

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it's a shame to see what this cities have turn into
I hope to see DRC rising up again
We haven´t had this city yet, so here is Albertville/Katanga (50´s-60´s)

some shopping in that city/town

train station in Albertville

more city street level photos of Albertville

Hôtel in Albertville

cycling tours in Albertville

electricity generation around Albertville

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Guys, I never expected to find sooo many photos of Congo, there are toooo many photo albums and views of Congolese cities/life, unbelievable!


laboratories in Lubumbashi

riding clubs and other sports clubs in Lubumbashi (early 80´s)

Belgian-Congolese began to "africanize" by wearing Congolese fashion (1971)

found many of those school pics in Lubumbashi, here is just one examplary for the rest (taken in 1969)

Ok, this is not urban view but it shows the magnificient region around Likasi

People are queing up to go to vote in Jadotville ans some car shows (1959)

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Lubumbashi rail lines below (1968)

one school in Lubumbashi (in 1966)

a circus in Elisabetheville (1956)

Some more photos of Jadotville late 1950´s

Fashion Show in Lubumbashi (1963)

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This is Johannesburg International Airport in 1967 (then called Jan Smuts International Airport)

Rotunda bus terminus in Johannesburg 1967

Cape Town's cable car

Cape Town

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When were those Cape Town pics taken?
Kinshasa early 1960´s

a school in Kinshasa

Kinshasa early 70´s

Fashion show in Kinshasa

an open air theatre

Mangrove Hotel

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When were those Cape Town pics taken?
The pictures were taken in 1982 when the last of Cape Town's high-rises were built. Most of Cape Town's high-rises were constructed in the 60's and 70's. Like Johannesburg no significant construction activity occurred in Cape Town until the current construction boom which started in 1999 till today.
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Stormshadow and Popa1980, you asked me some time ago about old Maputo photos, so here we go:)

Lourenco Marques/Maputo (all from 1920´s up to mid 70´s)

a tramway in Lourenco Marques, what happened to it? Can it be revived, tourist will like it!

Maputo in the 1920´s

entrance to the Public Garden Vaco da Gamas

a good view

very beautiful view

if you strain your eyes you can see the nice greenery and flowers planted

Hotel Carlton

a mosque

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More Lourenco Marques photos all 60´s to mid 70´s

restaurant and hotel

Along the Marginal in Maputo

Avenida da Luis

it is said that Maputo had several grand-style cinemas, here is one of them

Hotel Cardoso

Hotel Girassol

the "Grand Old Lady" of Maputo Hotel Polana

Hotel Tivoli

another beautiful avenue

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Thanks for the photos Matt. Old Maputo looked good, then again I could say the same thing about the current Maputo. ;)
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