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Olomouc, Czech republic

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Let me share with pictures from Olomouc and introduce it first:

Olomouc (german: Olmütz)
... second largest city architecture reservation of the Czech republic after Prague
... medieval capital of the historical land of Moravia
... current regional administrative centre, Central Moravia
... population: 101,000 (2007, metro: not really :))
... UNESCO heritage list monument - The holy trinity column, world largest plague pillar (with a chapel inside)
... 285 km (180 miles) E from the capital Praha (Prague)
... 210 km (135 miles) NE from the capital of Austria, Wien (Vienna)
... 210 km (135 miles) N from the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava
... 255 km (160 miles) SW from Krakow, Poland
... 435 km (280 miles) NW from the capital of Hungary, Budapest
... lowland character, Nizky Jesenik hills at eastern city suburbs
... the Upper and Lower square create a twin-domination of the city
__ Markable sights:
... neo-renaissance Town hall
... neo-gothic St.Wenceslas cathedral
... astronomical clock reconstructed into workers version after WWII demage following the communist ideology
... Hradisko monastery
... pilgrimage basilica of Svaty Kopecek (Holy Hillie) in the east of the city
... university centre since 1571, second university in the area of current Czech rep.
... seat of an archbishopric (one only out of Prague in Czech rep.)
... densy public transport network (7 tram lines, 31 bus lines, 5 city/country rail stops)
... Czech national football team coach Karel Brückner birthplace :)

Olomouc tallest skyscraper first :)

Holy trinity column

Neo-renaissance Town hall on Upper square

Town hall and fountains

Town hall and Holy trinity column

Upper square...

Old town streets...

Denisova street and Orthodox church

Neo-gothic St. Wenceslas cathedral

Lower square...


Hradisko Monastery

Holly Hillie

Enjoy in peace :).
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Very nice pictures, I like the arches going across the street half way down.
Wow, a true pearl amongst Czech cities. :cheers:
Mike Bristol:

Me too. One of my favourite streets in Olomouc center. I will try to get some more pictures from the city narrow curvy hilly streets soon...

PS: I propose a change: Rain + Cold for Lobby + Corruption :)


Well, yes it is. And almost unknown (= quite cheap :D)... Maribor size
Lovely city. Czech Republic has many beautiful places that look like they came out of a story-book...:cheers:
^^ it's quite uncomparable with Prague, except for both cities are in Central Europe.
Nice, but can't compare to Brno though.
??? Olomouc historical center is larger than Brno one and the city has more valuable sights than Brno. Brno is larger, has monumental 19th century architecture, more people, more city life. But in matter of architecture Olomouc rules.
Looks like a very nice and cozy town. I must visit Czech Republic soon. :cheers:
Looks like a very nice and cozy town. I must visit Czech Republic soon. :cheers:
You do not must. But I recommend it :).

Picture completation. Aerial view:

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