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Since the collapse of the 646.38 metre tall longwave broadcasting mast at Gabin, the FM- and TV-broadcasting mast at Olsztyn-Pieczewo built in 1978 is the tallest construction of Poland. From this tower I can offer some very nice pictures!

Olsztyn Transmission Mast from far away (Source:,172.0.html )

Olsztyn Transmission Mast from nearby (Source:,172.0.html )

Basement of Olsztyn Transmission Mast (Source:,172.0.html )

Close view of VHF-antennas (Source:,172.0.html )

Close view of the top with UHF-antennas (Source:,172.0.html )

Olsztyn Transmission Mast in the evening (Source: )

If you want to see, which programmes are radiated, than have a look on !
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