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Olympic Stadium Competition.

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Welcome one and all, here is a fun Olympic Stadium Competition. I've always wanted to do one of these. There are no prizes, just fun. Everyone who wants to participate, please post your intentions below.


- Stadium must have at least 80,000 Seats.
- Must include Athletics Track and Field and pitch access entrances.
- Must be original.

I am quite the amateur expert in Architecture. Also, for anyone who doesn't want to participate, wants to be on the judging panel, PM me and I will choose 3 other judges. I know my Architecture, so you can be sure my judging will be fair.

Must importantly, have fun and good luck my friends.

Deadline is Sunday 11th May 2014.
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I'll give it a go but 2 weeks is a bit short...
I'll give it a go but 2 weeks is a bit short...
Ok. The deadline is on Sunday 11th May 2014. We need more participants.
More participants are welcomed.
More participants are welcomed.
The stadium designers of this forum are interested in another competition actually, which has bigger challanges with experienced and talented participants.
Excellent, so we have 2 Participants confirmed. More participants are welcomed and whoever wants to be alongside me on the judging panel is more then welcome to Bid. 3 other judges are needed.
11th May 2014 is the Deadline. Who else will be joining?
Should have waited for the other comp to finish first.
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Anyone else want to participate? I've always wanted to organise an Architectural Design Competition.
Sorry, you can count me out, my comp. can barely handle a 30K stadium :)
Everybody, forget this Competition I started for now, participate on this Brand New Competition please -
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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