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Olympics, EXPO wooed to boost Thessaloniki

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Olympics, EXPO wooed to boost Thessaloniki

The Municipality of Thessaloniki wishes to follow the pattern set by Barcelona and seek, through a ready strategic development plan, to bring to the city the Mediterranean Games of 2012, the international exhibition EXPO in 2017 and maybe even the Olympics of 2036.

This ambitious plan was unexpectedly tabled yesterday by Thessaloniki Mayor Vassilis Papageorgopoulos, a former athlete, during a two-day international conference by the city’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He continued by asking — in the presence of Deputy Finance Minister Christos Folias — for 5 percent of the taxes Thessaloniki residents pay the state in order to fund this strategic plan. He also expressed his confidence that within two or three months Thessaloniki will have its metropolitan administration.

The plan’s five pillars are: infrastructure projects, with roads to link the city with nearby large cities within three to five hours; improvement in quality of life; boosting the production base, including the creation of a World Trade Center in the city; improving the metropolitan administration and international promotion through major events.

Papageorgopoulos argued local authorities and chambers should be involved in the organization of the Thessaloniki International Fair as is the case in Barcelona. “I hope we will soon realize our mistake, both we and the government,” he said.

The conference heard from representatives of six European cities (Valencia, Dublin, Bologna, Birmingham, Frankfurt, Leipzig) present how they have breathed new life into their cities, providing a model for Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki Prefect Panayiotis Psomiadis said the city is a “forgotten provincial city” and like an “ancient tragedy.” “From Greece’s second city we have become the unemployment capital; from the exporting manufacturing metropolis, we have ended up as the importing center of such products and from the harbor of investment in the 1960s we are now watching the departure of enterprises and the rapid deindustrialization,” he stated.

Folias said the opportunities Thessaloniki has missed in the past must become a lesson. He also tabled a set of proposals for local programs to support small and medium-sized enterprises and to provide incentives for attracting investments to the city. Finally he called for council-owned buildings to be used to boost entrepreneurship.
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I understand the Mediterranean Games and the international exhibition EXPO but Olympics ?
Anyway, the World Trade centre sounds good.
Wow, I hope! But I will be old and wrinkly then :D
Giorgo with the advances of genetics for 2036 people will look their ages minus about 30 to 50 years (both in internal and external aspects) as for 2050 or 2060 I guess these same people (which by logical issues we are included in) will have an eternal expectance of life. Yeah maybe sounds wacky today but wait the advances of genetics, cryonics and nanotechnology are exponential.

Now as for the Olympics Games of 2036 itself I guess the countries of the visitors from the moon countries and colonies (to obtain independence in a few decades) will have to pay the that expensive ticket of U$S20,000 (of course expensive when we compare it with the half hour suborbital flight from New York or LA with a lower cost of just U$S5,000).

To that we`ll have to add the expenses on lodging (1,000 Euros the night in that 2 star small hotel in Thessaloniki center) plus the food (100 Euros the Mc Mickeys's world famous soya hamburger with proteic rice combo and flavored mineral water). That's gives us a total of 200,000 U$S for an average 15 days visit to the Olympics. Sounds good for any regular Joe. Just remember the monthly average income per inhabitant of Europe, North America, and some countries of Latin America as well as of Japan and.....China? is of 250,000 U$S per month.

Ah, almost forgot Greece has the fifth largest GDP in the world (at last our generation authorities took good economic policies) third in Europe and current prime minister Grigorios Maloukos after winning his second campaign is planning with his public works minister to add the long expected metro of Heraklion but hey this guy gave us bridges, airports, Athens and Thessaloniki have the best skyscrapers ever seen (got to repeat this last one?) yeah enjoy here it goes again....Athens and Thessaloniki have the best skyscrapers ever seen ; even we are major contributors to the space investigation and have our very base in Mars.....unbelievable the blue and white banner looks great with that red background of Mars...and and............

I guess I went a little far this time........I'd better take some rest and get back a little later....yeah that will be the best to do guys.......
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We will be talking about the third generation of skyscrapers then, 100 storeys tall (which, in comparison with the ones in Shanghai at that time will look like dwarfs), Athens will be connected with Makronisos with an 8-lane bridge and a suburban rail line where you will have the most privileged suburbs of the capital with Marinas, Heliports, something like the Kavouri Peninsula

Also, Pagrati, Kypseli and Patissia will be parks by then, and Athens will be one of the greenest cities on earth...
Well my dear prime minister, actually I don't have that good news for China, its economic boom saw an end point in 2021 after the Tibet obtained its independence and many other provinces are looking for the same thing (of course everything in a peaceful atmosphere since the last war finished more that a decade ago). So Shangai is not any more the heaven of 300 stories scrapers. NYC got that title again 15 years ago and SE Asia is not viable for that kind of constructions.

Athens is looking for a 250 stories one in the ultra modern Elaiona hood which has already surpassed Maroussi in quality and quantity.

Oh...god make all this to become truth
250 storeys!!! mamma mia!!!

Guys. the Lycabettus is 270m tall... 250 storeys will be 1000m tall.

Unless we start making children now like crazy, we will never occupy this building fully.

However, I believe that by 2012 a decent cluster with an emblematic 40-storey building and many smaller may become a reality. After that, we see how it goes and decide.
I also like the Makronissos scenario. It is a perfect case study of "green" urbanisation.

BTW, I remember it was Konstantinoupolis who posted something about an artficial island called "Patroklos" That was a good one too...
Expo and Med Games are certainly (with work) within the realm of possibility. The Metro and hopefully soon the new airport terminal will help things out.
wow are you serious about 250 storeys in athens ?! And tell me more about that artificail island ?
The "Patroklos" Island. Information in Greek here by Konstantinoupolis
Θα ήθελα να ζητήσω χιλια συγγνωμη αλλα για να δω φωτογραφίες μου ζητάει να δημοσιεύσω 10 φορες...αν δεν κάνω λάθος.
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