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Hi. :) I'd like to start this thread as the new place where I will now post all of my Omaha pictures. I'd like for this thread to provide an elightening, pleasurable, even educational look at the great City of Omaha Enjoy!


I took these a few days ago around the Old Market. I planned on doing a people thread but I found these signs to be more interesting at the time.

Looking west from 11th and Harney. Orpheum Tower in the background.

In the Old Market along Howard St.

Lotus: A women's clothing store

Drastic Plastic: One of the record stores in the Old Market

Zio's Pizza: A New York style pizza place. It's one of my favorite places to eat even though I'm much more a Chicago pizza fan

No Biking: They must have shot the rider

Asian. Mongolian. A lion? Maybe it's on the menu

O'Connors: Site of a personal, drunken mishap (More to come)

Hollywood Candy: A new place in the Market. It used to be offices

Stretch of the Old Market along 13th between Howard and Jackson

13th St. Coffee: They have an awesome pic of the new Pope slamming this huge stein of beer before he was the Pope

Nicola's: Haven't been here either. Nice patio though.

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign. And amazingly a parking spot

Ted & Wally's: THE BEST ICE CREAM ON EARTH!! They make all sorts of flavors. My favorite is Guiness. Yes the beer. They have all sorts of alcohol and dessert flavored ice creams. On the weekends there's lines around the building.

I just really like this picture. The towers in the roles of feminine and masculine

Stop for Tiques and More

Retro Rocket: There were a bunch of these spray painted around the Market. The rockets made a trail and pointed the way to the store. I followed

Side entrance to many Old Market establishments

Making my way towards the alley

Aww refreshing

Breezing into the alley

Live long and prosper

Retro Rocket

My house in the alley's terminated vista

Omaha Clay Works: Another surprise I never saw before

When my pics persuade you to move to Omaha, look here

Nomad Lounge: A fancy place to hang out. In between the leather couched seating areas are mini art galleries

The Passport Restaurant: Another fancy place to dine. This part of the Market is kind of exclusive

1101 Jackson: New high-end condos in the Old Market

U/C jLofts: Another high end condo project that will block the lovely view of my building


A non-Satanic antique shop

Iron against the Market

A cool private residence in the Old Market

Windows. A favorite subject of mine to shoot

One last look at the Passport

1101 Jackson windows. No doubt a great view from within

Smoke break on Jackson St.

Get a tatto. Get a piercing. It's the American thing to do

Sam & Louie's Pizza: A new New York pizza place. I love the big garage door that opens up to the street

Vignettes: Of course I'd have to do this in black and white

Fairmont and fair skies

And stopping at the grocery store before heading home.
Until next time...


Fiercly Omahan
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I took these a few weeks ago at the Joslyn Art Museum. Admission is free every Saturday until noon. Since it's a short walk from my house I headed over to get some pics. I found out I couldn't actually take pictures of the art work. I figured it would be no flash photography but they said that it had to do with rights to the pictures being reproduced. I snuck a few, subtle shots in though.

A sign of the U/C sculpture garden in front off the Joslyn.

The art-deco meets Greek exterior

The area where the sculpture garden is being built.
Central High School in the backgroun. Central is the largest high school in the state.
Central was also the old capital building until the capital was literally stolen from Omaha and moved to Lincoln.

Entering the Joslyn

Inside the main entrance. Notice the hunter statue shooting the deer from across the main hall.

The main court atrium

These are the doors to the Joslyn's Witherspoon Concert hall. It wasn't open but the hall is great. Big marble columns, plush detailed carpet. It's a nice place that host small touring acts from Leon Redbone to celebrity fundraisers.

Heading upstairs

Back Downstairs

Back upstairs again

We're now in the connection way between the old part of the museum and the "new" part. The other part is where the traveling exhibits are. That day it was art from the New Orleans museum. But since I couldn't take pics in there we'll stay in the atrium.

Looking towards the Durham Cafe underneath one of the two big Dale Chiluly pieces.

This is the other Chiluly piece. The people in the picture give you a sense of how big that glass sculpture is. A few years ago Chiluly had a month long engagement at the Joslyn where he made these two signature pieces. It was very cool he set up a glass blowing shop outside and had a whole crew of people here for the whole month. The exhibit was awesome.

I love the simplicity of the modern wing with the glass against the older part of the Joslyn.

First National peaking through

And it's time to go home. Hope you enjoyed the Joslyn. Until next time...


Fiercly Omahan
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I took these this past Monday on a rare morning being Downtown. I work in Midtown so even though I live Downtown I'm not usually privalage to the sun being on the east side of DT.

This is Omaha's tallest. One First National Center. At 635' it's the tallest building between Chicago and Denver. Even taller than the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

These are a few I took real quick from where my new office might be. I'd never get anything done looking out the window though. :)


Fiercly Omahan
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What's the difference between NY and Chicago pizza?

Chicago pizza is WAAAAY better. :) Chicago is more of a deep dish with lots of thick toppings. New Your pizza is more thin, greasy, and more cheese than other toppings. My mom likes it. I like it well enough but I'd kill to get back to Chicago just for the Pizza.
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