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Zubair Corp unveils seafront resort project

Zubair Corp unveils seafront resort project

Muscat: The Zubair Corporation yesterday received a 40 million riyal (Dh380 million) loan intended for the 680-room Barr Al Jissah Resort project, officials said.

"We are expecting an over 50 per cent occupancy rate. We hope to break even in the second year of operations at the resort," said Ziyad Al Zubair of Barr Al Jissah Resort Company.

He spoke following the project finance agreement signing ceremony, held at the resort site yesterday.

The 70 million riyal (Dh665 million) seafront resort is expected to receive its first guests by the end of this year.

Rashad Al Zubair, vice-chairman and group president of the Zubair Corporation, thanked the lending banks Gulf International Bank, BankMuscat, HSBC, Arab Bank and Bank of Dhofar for approving the loan for the resort project.

Maqbool Ali Sultan, Oman's Minister of Commerce and Industry, presided over the signing ceremony. Sultan lauded Zubair Group's effort to give Oman a resort that meets international standards.

"The assistance we have provided to this project, with its impressive magnitude and size, represents clear evidence of the government's commitment to the tourism sector. We are dedicated to making tourism a vibrant and vital sector of the economy," Sultan said.

The Omani minister pointed out the Bar Al Jissah Resort was planned and being built to meet the highest international standards.

The Bar Al Jissah resort will set a fine example, one to be emulated by other domestic tourist destinations, Sultan said.

Hong Kong-based Shangri La Hotels and Resorts Group will operate the Bar Al Jissah Resort. It is being built on a 450,000 square metre beachfront site. A spa, health club, swimming pools, and leisure facilities will be housed nearby.

Out of the 70 million riyals (Dh665 million) needed for the project, the Zubair Group has provided 15 million riyals (Dh142.5 million).

The Government of Oman's share is 10 million riyals (Dh95 million). The Government has also extended a soft loan of five million riyals (Dh47.5 million).
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thanks safqa
safqa_tijariya said:
i think we have our first omani forumer! :) welcome to ssc al-balushi!
i think there is 3 airpot's going to build one in Sohar , southern city of Duqum and in Ras al Hadd..sohar is one of the Gulf's fastest developing industrial zones.

you can check this link:
#OMAN: Barr Al Jissah Resort

The Barr Al Jissah Resort is being developed by Zubair Enterprises which expects to award tenders for initial works this month. The resort to be operated by Asian luxury group Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts, will be located on the Gulf of Oman, about 12 km south of Muscat city centre with a backdrop of mountains, hills and wadis, the promoters say.

It will comprise of three separate hotels along with spa, apartments and cultural areas and will be completely self-sufficient with its own power substation, desalination plant, waste treatment facility and laundry.

The three hotels - Palace, Town and Village - will in total offer nearly 700 rooms and apartments with comprehensive leisure and business facilities.

I was in that place
This is just great, I love it ! Al Balushi can you post about The Wave project? I heard that it is a multibillion waterfront development with it's own golf course set to open in 2008. Can you also post about Oman's first PGA 18 golf course being opened later this year ? :)
I think that this project is set to be opened in 2012 :)
^^ i really doubt that 6 years is enough

Tks!! The list of companies aplying can be check in the Tender Board . By the number of them it seems a pretty interesting business
how bout they start doing something about Muscat Seeb airport?? :hm:
you know what? salallah needs a big inter. airport. the current one doesn't seem to absorb all the tourists coming to visit the area.
#OMAN :Mirbat Resort Development

^^^Location: Sultanate of Oman!!
Mirbat is a small town only 60km from Salalah. The project site is located just halfway between Salalah and Mirbat. It has wonderful setting ( Salalah/Dhofar is one of the world's most beautiful regions ).
Oman is a developed and prosperous country, but many Omanis including my friends are complaining about lack of " fun/entertainment/amusement " factor in their country even in Muscat and they hope that these kind of projects could strike a difference and could attract many visitors abroad. :banana:
nice project. needs better renders
It is u/c or it has started to welcome tourists.
Why there isnt a forum for Oman?
oman for me is too lonely lol, no people. when i was there i was scared because of the loneliness.
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