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Omega Plaza

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Matterson Properties' Omega Plaza project in Abuja has been completed and now open for business. Unfortunately, the company's website has yet to update pictures of the project since last year (see

However, I was importuned to be there recently for the opening of a friend's gadget shop, but the security guards absolutely refused to allow pictures of the mall itself to be taken. Apparently, only the company's official photographers are accorded that dubious privilege (nigeria, we hail thee :lol:).

Website Picture from 2008

Pictures from January 2009

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I dont understand why on gods earth there is such a big problem on taking pics in nigeria. Why would the guards and police think they have the right to tell anyone that they can not take a pic. some things about nigeria I will never get:eek:hno::bash:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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