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ok, anyone who saw the first thread noticed there were only 3 states there. I will be adding cities from other states on this thread... remmeber... only cities with less than 1 million people but more than 50.000... not all of the 250 brazilian cities that fit in this population will be present... just some of them.


Tubarão ~90k people

Guggenheim at Tubarão??? :)

Lages ~150k

Joinville ~450k

Joaçaba ~50k

Jaraguá do Sul ~125k

Itapema ~200k at summer

Itajaí ~156k

Criciúma ~190k

Concórdia ~68k

Chapecó ~200.000

Blumenau ~250k

the old name of the street was Wurststrasse... Sausage Street

Balneário Camboriú ~70k people (500k in summer?)


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Rio Grande do Sul
southermost brazilian state

Uruguaiana ~133k

bridge connecting to Argentina

Torres ~50k (200k in summer)

São Leopoldo 200k

Santana do Livramento ~98k

Santa Maria ~250k

Santa Cruz do Sul ~100k

Rio Grande

Pelotas ~320k (the city is full of beautiful old buildings, but no space to show 1/20th of them here)

Passo Fundo 200k

Novo Hamburgo 250k (MY CITY, MY PICTURES!!!)

Montenegro 58k

Lajeado ~60k

Galópolis (ok, this city has only 15k people, but look the place its located!!!)

Erechim ~100k

Caxias do Sul (350k people, mostly italian descendants!)

Capão da Canoa 30k (~300k summer?) (MY PICS)

playing italian "BOCCHE"

Bento Gonçalves (100k)

Bagé (80k)


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juanico said:

Blumenau and Novo Hamburgo were established by german people? the german buildings in Blumenau are absolutely amazing!

Any pics of Foz do Iguaçu soon?
yes, along with Joinville (500k people), they are the largest german settled cities in Brasil... but there are many others, 99% in the south of the country.

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Wonderful, andI live in one of these small cities, Joaçaba, that actually has 25k instead of 50k .
Thanks for the pictures.
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